Yves “Jetman” Rossy Flies in Formation

28 Nov 2011  No Comments

I remember posting about Mr. Rossy last year when he tried out his new “Jet Propelled Wing” or jetpack and reaching speeds of 300 km/h in the descend.

The Jetman just attempted to fly in formation with a couple of L-39C planes for about 10 minutes and succeeded.

I want one.

Child Directs Planes at JFK

4 Mar 2010  2 Comments

“JetBlue 171, contact departure,” the unidentified child told one flight.

“Over to departure, JetBlue 171, awesome job,” a pilot said in response. Then a man’s voice is heard: “That’s what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school.”

If i was flying an aircraft coming in or out of JFK and a child’s voice came over from the control tower,  i think i would be a little worried.

An air traffic controller at New York’s JFK airport has been suspended from work after allowing a child to direct flights in and out of one the world’s busiest airports.  The incident took place on February 17 and an investigation has been opened. The child is also recorded saying “Adios, Amigo” to a Mexican pilot leaving the airport.

Accidents can happen with traffic in the air by different planes, maintenance problems, weather etc….  and now children taking over air traffic control….


Wataniya Airways Bomb Hoax

23 Sep 2009  1 Comment


A Wataniya Airways flight to Damascus was turned back around 40 minutes into its flight due to a passenger having an altercation with the flight crew over his hand baggage. The suspect was back in Kuwait for questioning after being searched for a bomb. Read the fully story here.

Speed and Angels

24 Aug 2009  No Comments

I watched a documentary called Speed and Angels about 2 of the last F-14 Tomcat pilots on duty before it got officially decommissioned.  It takes you through their lives as they try to make it as F-14 Naval pilots. Jay  “Faceshot” and Meagan “Slick” go through tough times; Meagan as she is trying to be the first female Naval F-14 pilot and at the same time the last. And Jay trying to overcome adversity in his life before joining the Navy. A must for every fighter plane fan or Top Gun fan.


The movie has some amazing plane scenes including dogfights and combat, as well as real footage of some of their missions.

A funny trailer from the movie can be seen here.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

Men vs Military

18 Aug 2009  6 Comments


Why is it that every young boy idolizes a military man?

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Can You Hear Me Steve?

23 Jun 2009  No Comments

A really cool (and old) video showing a guy passing out 3 times during 3 maneuvers on board a Blue Angels F/A-18

The most they pull is 7.5 G’s and is during the second maneuver which is quite a lot, I know pilots who pass out with 4 G’s.

The Blue Angels pilot in this video is Lt Commander Kevin Davis, who died during an airshow in 2007, he was pulling just below 7 G’s and went into G-Loc.



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