Gulf Run 5: Day 2

29 Jan 2010  4 Comments

Gulf Run Day 2

Today was a really good day, the weather was a bit hot but very pleasant in the shade. All drivers participated in the full track, and also we saw some compete in the drifting competition that somehow transformed into a doughnut competition.


I also got to jump in a BMW M5 (above) and a Caterham (below) and be driven around the track.

Westfield at GulfRun 5

Lamborghini doughnut  

Tomorrow, Day 3:

The drag race and the conclusion of the GulfRun 5 event. Practice should start by 9:30AM and then the elimination rounds. Should be fun.

will upload some videos shortly.

Thanks to both AAA Jr. and T.Pain for the rides.

Gulf Run 5: Day 1

28 Jan 2010  3 Comments

Gulf Run Day 1

Today was the first day in the Gulf Run 5 event, there was a very good turn up. we saw a lot of people that we knew there. we also saw a lot of bloggers.


We saw a lot of beautiful and exotic cars there as expected.


This was just the first day, and I took almost 400+ pictures, will filter and upload them when I get back.

Tomorrow: Day 2

All cars will have a go at the full track tomorrow. We might also see some drag racing too.

Peace Day Doves – When You Know Peace is Dead

26 Jan 2010  1 Comment

The above is Afghanistan….

The above is in Russia…

GulfRun : Al-Falah Carwash to Car Show@360

15 Jan 2010  10 Comments

Yesterday the guys from Gulfrun had a carwash at Al-Falah which in itself was an event. All the cars were ready to go from there and headed off to 360 mall to set up for the car show.

The pics after the break are from the 360 mall GulfRun car show. Click below to check them out.

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GulfRun Car Show@360 Mall

13 Jan 2010  4 Comments

The GulfRun Car Show is taking place in 360 Mall with a variety of race cars on hand to be seen. From specialized race cars, to one of a kind super cars. This event will be taking place on the 15th & 16th of January @ 360 Mall.

Also a raffle will be held on January 16th at 8pm for two special edition GulfRun Vespas. A GulfRun pearl white Vespa, and a special edition black Vespa. With all proceeds of the raffle being donated to Hayat Cancer Foundation.

Lots to be seen and enjoyed during the event at 360. Please make sure to pass by the GulfRun booth to buy raffle tickets as it being set up for a very good cause by the Hayat Cancer Foundation.  There will be other Gulf Run memorabilia items also on hand at the booth as well.

You can see the two vespas  being given out as prizes for the raffle on either side of the Carrera Gt.

AKA Hotel – Times Square

10 Jan 2010  10 Comments

After reading Mark’s post about wanting to go to New York and asking for a good place to stay, I noticed that I didn’t post much about anything other than Shake Shack when I was there.

AKA Hotel

So I’ll be doing some short posts about NY, first will be about the hotel I stayed in, AKA New York.

AKA Lobby

This is not a big hotel, as you can see from the photo above this is the lobby+ reception area. It looks cool but its also small. The hotel is located at 123 West 44th st.  which is very close to Times Square. In fact, it was a 1 minute walk to the middle of Times Square as you can see from the map below.

AKA Hotel Location

The room was amazing, it had a soft modern look to it, not too fancy but looked great. it also had a small kitchen and a huge refrigerator. And the price was excellent for something with that location and that spacious.

More after the break

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Frozen Britain

9 Jan 2010  5 Comments

This image was taken 2 days ago (January 7th) by one of Nasa’s satellite. as you can see the whole country is frozen.

Fozen Britain

Weather in the UK at the moment

UK Weather


Egyptian vs Kuwait Wedding

30 Dec 2009  11 Comments

I made a quick 2 day trip to Cairo last weekend to attend a wedding. It wasnt the first time i attended an Egyptian wedding but it put into perspective the differences between weddings in Kuwait and weddings in Egypt for instance. From the beginning of the wedding procession or “zaffa” , the bride and groom were dancing all the way down with each other, and friends and family would effortlessly jump into the circle with them and do the same. They were also surrounded by a band with their drums and instruments, as well as 2 dancers with candlestick headpieces doing a balancing act while vigorously “shaking it”. It wasnt only down the aisle, it was from outside the ballroom and this whole process was about 30 minutes long as they would take their time and stop in certain places. Everyone was ecstatic and having a great time and there was no alcohol being served, it was just a natural high. Inside, the party and dancing continued til the early hours of the morning. Women/ladies with head scarfs were dancing without a second thought, and the bride and groom also pitched in. Men, women, and children were on the dance floor and some people did not stop the whole night. It is always a fun experience to go to a wedding like this. I dont remember the bride and groom sitting down for more than 15 minutes which was to take some pictures with friends and family. Now we go to a Kuwaiti wedding. For the men it is like you are giving your condolences. You walk in and shake hands usually with the father of groom, groom himself, and the father of the bride. Sometimes you just do that and walk out. Other times you hang around and mingle, some have dinner and then you leave. If you stay from beginning to end its a whopping (sarcasm intended) 2 hours to 2 hours and a half. The women in Kuwaiti weddings do their part of dancing in their respective weddings, but for most the time the bride is sitting down just watching and snapping shots.  Its a big difference, but what i felt is that the bride, groom and invitees, were all having a lot of fun in Cairo, as it is more of an obligation to go give your blessings in a Kuwait wedding than a source of fun. This is in relation to the traditional segregated weddings in Kuwait of course. “To each his own.”

Eid Getaway Ideas From Horizon Travel & Tourism

1 Nov 2009  5 Comments

Horizon Travel & Tourism have put together some ideas for 4 nights at a 4 star hotel in London and Dubai for the Eid holiday. They recommend you book as soon as possible in order to get the lowest possible prices. With a large database of hotels available, they can cater to all your needs.


300 KD – This includes 1 economy class ticket on Etihad Airways, and a double room at Thistle Marble Arch with breakfast. 

270 KD – This includes 1 economy class ticket on Jazeera Airways, and a double room at the Four Points Sheraton on Sheikh Zayid Road, Room Only.

For more ideas, visit their website or call them at (965) 22476870.

*prices above are per person with a minimum occupancy of 2. Prices are subect to change according to availability.

Maldives Under Water Cabinet Meeting

18 Oct 2009  4 Comments


Anyone who has been to the Maldives will rave on about the crystal clear blue oceans, the amazing diving and the most luxurious of resorts in the world. Boasting the worlds first “under sea restaraunt” , they now can also add the first under water cabinet meeting as well.

The Maldivian president and ministers held the world’s first underwater cabinet meeting on Saturday, in a symbolic cry for help over rising sea levels that threaten the tropical archipelago’s existence.



Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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