Disagree With Me And I Will Blow Your Brains Out

7 Jul 2012  2 Comments

The full story:

After trading insults with activist, parliamentarian first throws a shoe and then points a gun at adversary. Host tries to break up brawl. No shots fired
A Jordanian member of parliament pulled a gun on a political activist during a furious debate live on Jordanian TV on Friday.
The MP, named in a YouTube clip of the confrontation as Mohammed Shawabka, was debating a political activist named in the clip as Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad, discussing aspects of Jordanian politics including attitudes surrounding the uprising in Syria.
As the discussion became more heated, each of the men accused the other of various crimes and deviancies, including working for the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency. "You’re a Mossad agent," said one. "You’re a big crook," said the other.
The MP stood up and began screaming and pointing at the activist, who was sitting opposite him, while the host of the program, Mohammed Habashneh, seated in the center, desperately urged his guests to "calm down."
Instead, the MP sat back down, bent over and took off his right shoe, and threw it at the activist, who ducked behind his desk, knocking it over.
Then the MP pulled a gun — a silver pistol — out of his waistband and briefly brandished it toward the activist, who walked toward him. The MP kept holding the gun, but was no longer pointing it at his critic.
The two men struggled, with the parliamentarian again careful now not to point the gun at his adversary, while the panicked host circumnavigated the strewn furniture to try to break up the fight.
But the two men would not be easily separated, and the brawl continued for some time before the program cut to the credits.

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This Used To Happen Every Day

1 Jun 2012  No Comments


The Attari Closing Ceremony used to take place every day at the Wagh border between India and Pakistan  till 2010. Because of it being the only road crossing between the two countries and due to the increased tension between them, lowering the flag ceremony was a bit more…..thrilling. The lowering of the flags or  “retreat” ceremony was more like a parade and a show for the people attending on both sides of the border.

It was canceled due to increased injuries to soldiers’ knees and backs from all the “Goose-Walking” taking place.

Syria: The horror of Homs, A city at war

24 Feb 2012  No Comments

This is one of the most moving videos about the situation in Syria that has been going on for almost a year now.


No Freaking Comment

17 Nov 2011  2 Comments


I Thought I knew What Rubber Bullets Are

7 Aug 2011  No Comments

I previously thought that all rubber bullets were created equal. But not after seeing the video that shows a former US soldier explaining the rubber bullets that are used by the Israelis against the Palestinians, I felt duped. That is one hell of a way to bend the rules. They are still calling these “Rubber Bullets”.

Egyptian Police Runs Over Protesters *UPDATE*

3 Feb 2011  2 Comments

Just received the video above. I’m speechless.

UPDATE: Got another video.

The 7 Million Batons Deal

22 Dec 2010  4 Comments

According to Mr. Al-Barrak, 7,000,000.000KD (almost 25 million USD) were spent on batons. Thats a lot of batons, didn’t they have any to begin with?

A quick search and I found a sweet 26″ rubber handle steel baton for $23.95 didn’t go through and see how much shipping would cost but that means that they bought a baton for every kuwaiti man, woman and child. leaving 1 million for shipping too.

And also, if you are buying 1,000,000 batons, I’m sure you would get a discount.

Via Al-Qabas

البراك يطرد قناة الصباح

21 Dec 2010  2 Comments

تطرق النائب مسلم البراك إلى أحد الصحف اليومية مطلقا عليها عدة تهم وسباب والتي لها أيضا قناة فضائية فحمل النائب البراك “الميكرفون” الخاص بها مديرا ظهره إلى مقيم الندوة الناشط السياسي خالد الشليمي مستأذنا منه بطردها من الندوة وعلى الفور وافق الشليمي ما حمل البراك لحذف ميكرفون القناة على الأرض أمام مصور ومراسل القناة الكويتية الخاصة.

Via Zoom,Al-Watan

Fareed Zakaria Responds To Glenn Beck’s “10% of All Muslims Are Terrorists” Claim

13 Dec 2010  3 Comments


Mr. idiot, Glenn Beck, is at it again with some stupid nonsense. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria responds after Glenn said on his radio show that “10% of all Muslims are terrorists”


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