Miscelleanous Items – iPhone to Carbon Fiber to Red Eyes

3 Dec 2009  7 Comments

With the Carbon Fiber fad still coming on strong, and the iPhone fad even stronger, you can find this carbon fiber iPhone case at geeky-gadgets.com.


Buy it from here.

If you want to feel the ultimate carbon fiber wrapped around your body all day at the office, you have the Authentic Ferrari F360 Challenge Carbon FIber Office Chair.


If you have $8,000 dollars you dont know what to spend on, buy it from here.

Want to use your iPhone/iPod touch to control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD, etc..?


Download the free app from the iTunes App Store and buy this hardware from here.

Want Android 2.1? Even weirder Carbon Fiber stuff? More than an iPhone case? Want to drive real fast but safe? Then read below. Continue Reading

I Can Transform Ya

19 Nov 2009  4 Comments

With Transformer fever at a pitch high, i leave you with some actual and some may be not real life transformers.



For more including iPOD docks, more cars, USB’s and more phones continue reading after the break. Continue Reading

The Grand Prize Bank Myth

8 Nov 2009  8 Comments


For years and years we have heard of local banks giving away millions of KD in prizes. From NBK’s Jawhara to Gulf Bank’s Al-Dana to CBK’s Najma and more recentlyو BKME’s Hassad grand prize. But the myth is as follows: if you have a relative of the first degree working in any of these banks, you are automatically out of the running to win it, so its better off moving your money elsewhere. I never got the logic of that, and still dont truly believe it, but can anyone guarantee this with facts?

Operation Turtles and the 15 Year Sentence

8 Nov 2009  3 Comments

In cooperation with the Kuwait Environmental Protection Society, members of the Japanese Society in Kuwait and other volunteers yesterday morning participated in an annual beach cleaning operation, entitled ‘Operation Turtles’ at Shuwaikh Beach Park.


link Kuwait Times

In other news, a Kuwaiti owner of a Cafe’ in Florida who is also a PhD student, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for allegedly serving alcohol to a minor and harassing another. He has already been assigned a lawyer from the Kuwaiti Embassy and his brother, who also lives with him, has hired an additional lawyer to help him with an out of court settlement. Until now, the families are not willing to negotiate any terms. 


link Gulf News

Random fact of the day : the expatriate community in Kuwait forms 68% of the total population, the majority of whom are Asian.

99 Things You Should Have Experienced…..

28 Oct 2009  2 Comments

…on the internet by Greg Rutter. I dont know who Greg Rutter is.

I didnt see them all but you will find some classics such as the battle of krueger, human beatbox, thriller remake and evolution of dance.

UPDATE : Sorry it seems i didnt put the link! Here it is. LINK

New Fad : Micro Pigs

11 Oct 2009  2 Comments

You might have noticed these in the local papers last week.  Yes, they are bred as pets.


With all the fuss and dangers of H1N1 swine flu, you wouldnt expect people to be paying up to  700 British Pounds for a pig. These micro pigs,  grow to be about 12-16 inches tall and between 40-65 pounds in weight. With a life span of up to 18 years, even celebrity actors have been snapping them up (Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint is one of them).  They are being marketed as the perfect, low maintennance pets. I will pass on this one.


Fuel Prices Around The World

29 Sep 2009  7 Comments

In the graphic illustration below, you can see the top 10 countries that have the cheapest and most expensive petrol prices around the world. Kuwait has fourth place behind Venezuela (Cheapest), Turkmenistan (Second Cheapest) and Saudi Arabia (third cheapest).

Fuel Prices

So you can see, when traveling across Europe. If you rent A car, it will cost you an average of 10 times more what it would cost you here in Kuwait to fill up your car. So if you are used to spending KD5 for a full tank, you’ll pay KD50 in say the Netherlands. And an astounding KD115+ in Sierra Leone, thecountry with the most expensive Fuel in the world.


Now that will make you cut back on your gazz :)

Truth or Myth?

24 Sep 2009  4 Comments


A beer flood in 1814 killed nine people. Continue reading to find out if this and other myths are true or fabrication. Continue Reading


21 Sep 2009  No Comments


Not a great way to start your day. How many teeth left on that side of your face?

Shower with Swine

18 Sep 2009  3 Comments

Made to both look and smell like frying bacon, this soap will get you clean while giving your appetite a jump-start on the day


The weirdest soap i had ever seen before this was Caffeine soap. But for $6 your swine dreams can come true with this bar of bacon soap. If you really want it, you can get it from Uncrate here.

Whats next, lip balm? No, thats already available. Bacon Lip Balm can also be found here.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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