Swine Flu (H1N1) Or Money Flow !

10 Aug 2009  10 Comments

With all the hype that came with the swine flu pandemic and the built up propaganda of a new deadly virus that could kill millions, and already scared billions. I came across this article that raised some eyebrows, dropped some jaws, and sounded a loud & clear WTF !


In general, the article points out that Baxter pharmaceutical Inc. have filed a patent for the H1N1 virus and its strains 2 years before the pandemic, also the company has a factory in Mexico 50 miles from the virus outbreak location. Now the company have stopped taking orders for the vaccine as they will not be able to fulfill them all.

Though all the facts mentioned can be nothing but a coincidence, the timing was just perfect after the economical recession !

6 Most Awesome Prison Escapes

12 Jan 2009  No Comments


This article list the 6 most amazing real life prison escapes. There are some crazy stuff in there.

I only have this to say: Mr. Pascal Payet, I salute you.

After you have read the article, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


The Man Behind The Mask

12 Jan 2009  2 Comments

The Stig

He is a married man in his 30s that drives a boring £15,000 car.

Still nameless, A BBC source says “This is the best-kept secret in motor racing and we want to keep it that way”. since they introduced the new Stig by throwing the previous Stig – Perry McCarthy 22 seasons  -  by off an aircraft carrier in one of the episodes after revealing his secret identity.



Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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