Reminder: Lost Season 6

3 Feb 2010  10 Comments

lost final season

Just to let you know that Lost Season 6’s first episode just aired last night and is now available via torrent.

Thank you ShowRSS

Asrar Al-Qabandi – أسرار القبندي

16 Jan 2010  4 Comments

On January 14, 1991, Asrar Al-Qabandi was murdered. She was shot five times – four bullets to her chest and the fifth bullet between her eyes, and her head sliced in two by an axe as her body dumped in front of her family’s home by the Iraqi’s. This was the fate of one of the braveset women of Kuwait… of the world. She saved hundreds of Kuwaiti’s during the Gulf War, and came back to Kuwait to save more lives even though she knew the Iraqi’s had found out what she had done. This woman has been dead exactly 19 years. And this is the least we can do in saluting the woman who had died saving lives.

I recieved the above as a message yesterday and thought it would only be fitting we remember and recognize Asrar Al-Qabandi’s amazing feats and life saving actions.

Some of her other victories include smuggling weapons from Basra to Kuwait, money and more weapons from Saudi Arabia, single-handedly destroying the monitored telephones and communications set up by the Iraqis, providing targeted Kuwaitis with new ID’s to protect them from harm, providing foreign families with food and money, and taking care of 65 foreign hostages, risking a guaranteed execution.

Read this article to refresh your memory on some of the other stuff Asrar Al-Qabandi had accomplished in this time of vain and anguish.

Khaleejesque link

Reminder: Flash Forward

23 Sep 2009  1 Comment

Flash Forward.jpg

Flash Forward is a new TV series by ABC that looks like a TV show that I would want to watch, I mentiond this show back in June when I wrote my best new shows of 2009 list.

The season premiers Thursday 24th September.

When the world’s population is given a glimpse of their future due to a mysterious global event, it forces everyone to come to grips with whether their destinies can be fulfilled or avoided.

Reminder: English Premier League Kicks Off Today

15 Aug 2009  1 Comment

English Premier League Logo.jpg

After a long summer break without some decent football matches, the EPL is kicking off today with 8 matches.

All are in local time (Kuwait), all on Showtime:

14:45 Chelsea vs Hull City (ShowSports1+2)

17:00 Aston Villa vs Wigan Athletic

17:00 Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester City

17:00 Bolton Wonderers vs Sunderland

17:00 Portsmouth vs Fulham

17:00 Stoke City vs Burnley

17:00 Wolverhampton W. vs West Ham United

19:30 Everton vs Arsenal (ShowSports1+2)


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