Cirque Du Soleil: KA – Review

2 Jun 2010  7 Comments

As part of my shows marathon in Vegas is another Cirque Du Soleil production. KA is one of the new shows in Vegas and considered relatively new, premiered in 2005, this had a better story line and better stunts in my opinion. The way the use the moving platforms is just amazing.

The show took $220+ million to produce and one of the best shows I’ve seen so far in Vegas. Its highly recommended.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Cirque Du Soleil: O

1 Jun 2010  No Comments

While I was inquiring about the shows, a lot of people told me that Cirque Du Soleil’s: O was the best show in Las Vega, and it is conveniently located in the Bellagio so it had to be on my list for shows to see.

The show has an aquatic theme to it, its mostly based on water in a 1.5 million gallon water tank that shifts during the show from a deep to shallow to hard surface. it looked really amazing.

The The show on the other hand didn’t mesmerize me the way the other shows had. Its not bad but its not the best Vegas have to offer either. Its mostly a circus act with water being under the performers instead of a net for the most part.

I might be a bit hard on this show cause I had really high expectations. It let me down a bit but still a nice show that costed more than $100 million to make.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Lion King – Review

30 May 2010  2 Comments

The Lion King is the best disney movie in my opinion. It has a great storyline, lovable characters and great songs. all the requirements for making a great show. But thats not all, it takes skill to adapt a great movie to a Broadway show. But The Lion King already been running for 13 years and its been hailed as one of the best shows. everybody that saw it recommended it. My wife has been telling me to see it for a few years now, I finally did.

After seeing it I also highly recommend watching The Lion King. Its not just for kids and families is a work of art. great singing and costumes and of course the story and characters are all there.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Ghost Writer – Movie Review

27 May 2010  3 Comments

A ghostwriter hired to complete the memoirs of a former British prime minister uncovers secrets that put his own life in jeopardy

I really liked the movie. Solid acting, good screen writing and directing. The movie is minimalistic but excellent. Highly recommended for all types of movie lover.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

A Nightmare on Elm Street – Movie Review

24 May 2010  1 Comment

Death stalks the dreams of several young adults to claim its revenge on the killing of Freddy Kruger. Chased and chastised by this finger-bladed demon, it is the awakening of old memories and the denials of a past of retribution that spurns this hellish vision of a dreamlike state and turns death into a nightmare reality.

I’m not that big of a horror fan but I usually watch a few of them a year. Its really hard to to find a great horror movie and the are really hard to make in my opinion. The regualar horror movie fan will like it I think.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Robin Hood – Movie Review

19 May 2010  4 Comments

I really had high expectations for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. I mean the last time he and Russell Crowe teamed up they did the Gladiator. So I thought this might be the biggest movie of the summer.

When you hear Robin Hood you automatically thing “Bow and Arrow” but thats not the case here. you can count the times Robin uses his bow and arrow in the movie, that ended up making the movie look more like “Brave Heart” than Robin Hood.

I still think its a good movie, I just had really high expectations and was a bit disappointed.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The Losers – Movie Review

13 May 2010  4 Comments

This is another movie based on comics that I recommend people watch. Its about a group of CIA black ops team that gets betrayed by their handler and tries to terminate them after completing a mission. Well you know where it will go from there.

Its a good action movie and I really like Chris Evans (Fantastic Four).

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Iron Man 2 – Movie Review

11 May 2010  3 Comments

Just came back from seeing Iron Man 2. The movie was great its filled with action from start to finish I even think its better than the previous part. I just want to know way did they replace Terrence Howard from part 1 with Don Cheadle as Lt. Col. Rhodey.

Go see it

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Death at a Funeral – Movie Review

10 May 2010  1 Comment

This movie is a remake of a British movie that had the same name and was produced in 2007. Although Hollywood has a history of making American versions of foreign films, the original versions are usually in a language other than English.

The movie has an excellent cast: Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Luke Wilson and Danny Glover. But the strong cast don’t add much to the movie as it turned out to be average, some might find it very funny. I find the humor repetitive and childish at times.

I would still recommend watching it if you have some free time.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

BlueLounge Refresh – Neat Charging Solution

11 Apr 2010  7 Comments

I tend not to use the charging adapters that usually come with the my phones or other devices if they can be charged via usb because its much more convenient and practical instead of having multiple wall socket chargers.
I came across the BlueLounge refresh and immediately added it to my cart. Its small convenient and cheap-ish ($50 on ThinkGeek). I really recommend it for people who carry more than one device on a daily basis.

I would really have loved it if it was slightly wider so that gadgets have some breathing space. Its hard to get 3 devices on it if one of the device’s charging port is on the side (think blackberry).

Rating: ★★★★½ 

ThinkGeek ($49-$69)
Amazon ($69)

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