Apps of the Week

27 Aug 2009  2 Comments

This week we have a double whammy of Apps to cater to all you geeks out there. Whether it be iPhone, Android or Blackberry, the following Apps will work on your platforms.


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Plasma vs LCD vs LED TV’s

26 Aug 2009  55 Comments

This is a question thats has been going on for years. You hear people always saying that some are better for gaming, while others are better for watching movies or sports. With the new LED technology coming out, we want to get to the bottom of this….


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The Best Blu Ray Movies

25 Aug 2009  7 Comments

The blu ray experience with a nice Bose surround system, makes watching movies at home almost as enjoyable as in the theatres. Here, i will share with you some of my favorite blu ray movies that recreate the cinema experience.


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Speed and Angels

24 Aug 2009  No Comments

I watched a documentary called Speed and Angels about 2 of the last F-14 Tomcat pilots on duty before it got officially decommissioned.  It takes you through their lives as they try to make it as F-14 Naval pilots. Jay  “Faceshot” and Meagan “Slick” go through tough times; Meagan as she is trying to be the first female Naval F-14 pilot and at the same time the last. And Jay trying to overcome adversity in his life before joining the Navy. A must for every fighter plane fan or Top Gun fan.


The movie has some amazing plane scenes including dogfights and combat, as well as real footage of some of their missions.

A funny trailer from the movie can be seen here.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

HTC Hero – Review

17 Aug 2009  17 Comments

HTC Hero - Lock Screen.jpg

Now that I had my Hero for 2 weeks, I can start blabbering about it.

let me start with this, I had very high hopes for the device before it got released. I wanted a device that could do things the iPhone couldn’t do. The android platform didn’t disappoint.

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Hai Bali

16 Aug 2009  4 Comments


I never thought one day that I’ll go to Bali, not because that I didn’t want to but didn’t feel the need to do it since I already explored most of southeast Asia. But when you have a free one … hey why not :). So I packed my bags and decided to go, and with all the problems I faced before leaving (ticketing issues and even a bruised 5th metatarsal) I wasn’t going to miss such an opportunity.
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HTC Hero vs iPhone 3G/3Gs

13 Aug 2009  43 Comments


After finally giving up my iPhone 3G (which i was enjoying apart from some trivial stuff), i got my hands on the HTC Hero.  This will not be an indepth review of both, but a basic and quick comparison as N. will post his full review of the HTC Hero soon. I will forego all the basic specs such as Wi-Fi, Quadband, bluetooth, etc. cuz every smart phone should have that. Continue Reading

iPhone App of the Week

13 Aug 2009  No Comments


Colorsplash is an application for the iPhone/iPod Touch that basically allows you to adjust the saturation of any photo. Meaning you can change an image to black and white and then select any part of the photo to remain in color. Continue Reading

Weekend Getaways

13 Aug 2009  4 Comments


Situated strategically, the weather is much better and cooler than in other gulf countries, lying between mountains and valleys in different bodies of water makes it ideal for many different excursions.

Oman is a breath of fresh air for the perfect relaxing weekend getaway. Continue Reading

App of the Moment (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)

10 Aug 2009  2 Comments


With instant messaging making a big comeback thanks to the BBM on the Blackberry, many all in one IM clients are popping up all over the place. For the iPhone your best shot is Beejive. It integrates AIM®, iChat®, MobileMe®, MSN®/Windows Live®, Yahoo!®, MySpace, GoogleTalk®, ICQ®, Jabber, and Facebook IM all in this application. You can even send and recieve pictures on some of the clients. Continue Reading


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