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24 May 2009  No Comments


This Article lists all the current iphone rumors to date and organize them by probability.


Is This The New G1?

8 May 2009  No Comments

G1 ver2.jpg

Some solid reports are popping out here and there about the new Android G1 phone, it’s expected to get released in October. and from the render above it looks good too. The selling point is the physical keyboard for me.

80GB PS3 Making An Exit….

21 Feb 2008  No Comments


Just if you wanted it to be a more solid rumor, Sonystyle dropped the 80GB version of the PS3, making the arrival of a new model – like the rumored 120GB version) even more likely.

Via Gizmodo

New Xbox 360 To Include Blu-Ray??

18 Feb 2008  No Comments


The Xbox is rumored to get a blu-ray makeover, according to an “inside source” a standalone blu-ray player is already working in-house and could be released as early as May. And also there is the possibility of having a built-in 360 with a blu-ray player but it’s less likely especially as Microsoft is pushing for the whole HD download thingy.

New MBP’s Coming?

9 Feb 2008  1 Comment


Rumors are circulating that Apple might unveil a new and improved MBP line on the 26th of this month ( with the iPhone SDK announcement). The alleged upgrade should include the Penryn chip, SSD optional upgrade and the oh so famous Mac Book Air’s Multi-Touch Trackpad.

of course nothing is official, but we can only hope

via 9to5mac

Cool Phones in Mobile World Congress….Maybe!!

8 Feb 2008  No Comments


There are some report suggesting that ARM might be showing there version of the Android phone next week in Barcelona, of course there is nothing official as of yet.

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PS3 Slim This Fall !?

3 Feb 2008  1 Comment

Concept desgin for PS3 by T3 Mag.

Though I doubt it, a T3 magazine insider suggesting the release a PS3 slim edition and speculating the same specs on it. This is the second rumor bout PS3 in a week ! which make us anticipate something new specially after shrinking the size of blue-ray laser unit and profit increase from the PS3.

via i4u

PS3 With Higher Storage Capacity

29 Jan 2008  No Comments



After the MEMO leaked from Best Buy to discontinue the 80GB, An insider source (as claimed by arstechnica) said "The Spiderman 3 pack-in will disappear as well once the 80GB unit is gone. In order to maintain a similar value proposition to the 80GB/Spiderman 3 bundle, I expect to see a storage increase to 120 or 160GB at the same price point, plus the new Dual-Shock 3 controller…"

Again, he is expecting !! so no official words from Sony and if this is true the new SKU will come after current stocks of 80GB run out. Go ahead and buy one don’t hold back cuz I gotta get my hand on 120 or 160 GB .. ;p

via DailyTech

Vista’s SP1 Mid. Of Next Month !

24 Jan 2008  No Comments


A group industry Analysts and a Taiwanese news outlet speculated the release date in a report by PC World. Although sources close to Microsoft said its not likely. 

via The Tech Report


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