Updated: Windows 7 In Q3 of 2009 !

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Does this mean Windows Vista didn’t live up to Microsoft Expectations !


No, It has nothing to do with Vista because it will be used for different purposes.

TGDaily heard from several industry sources the new OS will have a stripped and optimized Kernel called MinWin. The OS will have a Command-line Interface and windows touch features as reported by Hilton Locke in wikipedia. It looks like its aimed for servers that require more stability.

UPDATE 29-01-08: "Windows 7 not coming until 2011?" Tech Report folks posted quoting from WinVistaClub.


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The Force Is Strong With Soul Calibur IV

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Let’s start by saying that this is not a joke (at least I think it’s not), Namco’s upcoming Soul Calibur game will feature characters from Star wars. Yep Yoda and Darth Vader are in the pic and it seems that there will be more characters via downloadable content. So we have to wait and see to confirm this one.

UPDATE: Video added after the break.

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Sony Might Unveil New PSN Approach

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This is a very weak rumor, But Sony Asia released a questionnaire asking customers if they would prefer to pay a monthly fee for an unlimited download for PS1 and PSP games.

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Apple To Choose Blu-ray Over HD-DVD

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Apple Are expected to tell the world at the Macworld 2008 they are going to preferred Blu-ray over HD-DVD for their Macs. Also, a new Airport Extreme, the rumored Macbook mini/slim and an apple TV upgrade.

Via AppleInsider


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