Zain’s Bloggers Gathering

10 Aug 2011  No Comments

Zain's Bloogers Ghabga

So I just came back from Zain’s “Ghabga” that they setup especially for bloggers  were I managed to associate faces to the names I knew for a while now. We Spent a lot of time “Socializing” and then it was off to the buffet were no one touched due to the awkward timing of the event and almost everyone was stuffed.


Before leaving, Mohamed Al-Muhaini, the guy who keeps spamming my email account handed me a small cool looking Sadow bag that contained a pleasant surprise especially for a geek.

Zain's Gift

So I got to socialize with my fellow bloggers and I got a free phone and a some other cool stuff.

Thanks Zain


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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