Get Your ChatON

15 Oct 2011  2 Comments


Samsung just released its cross platform chatting application that will compete with BBM, iMessage and WhatsApp. The app will be available on a wide range of mobile OS’s like iOS, Blackberry OS, Bada, and Android. But one of the main features of ChatOn is -as Abdul Aziz puts it- its ability to receive notifications on the PC.

Sign Documents Digitally With Your Mac

21 Sep 2011  1 Comment

Came across this handy little feature today that would make life much easier for a number of people. You can now sign documents on your Mac using preview. I know I’m going to use this feature quite a lot.


Android App Recommendations: DW Contacts & Phone

29 Aug 2011  2 Comments

DW Contacts
DW Phone
What’s cool about Android is that you can customize virtually every aspect of it, even the default programs such as the dialer and also the contacts app. The stock dialer is OK but if you are looking for more functionality try out DW Contacts & Phone. As you can see from the images above, the dialer screen can also functions as a contact search window, making it very convenient. Typing a few letters of a contact name or any sequence of a number-string using a t-9 dialer or the keyboard can filter out the contact. What I really like about it is that because I have already saved all of my contacts family names with a hyphen “-” in the last name  as in “Al-Folani”. most contact search apps make me type in the “AL-” before starting to filter the contacts making my first 3 inputs useless since most of my contacts will have the same result. DW on the other hand can start filtering if I start typing “Folani” and I would get my contact. Also you can directly call a number by clicking the green handset button on the right instead of the 2-3 clicks on  the stock dialer.

Google Plus for Android 1.0.5

18 Aug 2011  3 Comments


I’ve been asked a lot lately about the Google+ app for Android. For some reason, its not showing up for some international users. And they are having a hard time hunting it down. The latest version of Google Plus on the Android is 1.0.5 and you can download it from here

The Ultimate Emulator Experience On Android?

6 Aug 2011  No Comments

There are a number of game console emulators on Android that makes it a great retro gaming platform. The problem was playing those games with the virtual keys were annoying. The availability of the Wiimote Controller app that lets you connect your Wii controller to your Android device made gamin a lot easier on Android, but having just 4 buttons on the Wii controller makes it hard to play SNES, Genesis and N64 games, But not Anymore.

Enter Sixaxis Controller that lets you connect your PS3 controller to your Android device via Bluetooth. The costs less than $2 and there is a compatibility checking app that you can download for free and run to make sure that your device is compatible.

Sixaxis Compatibility Checker

Sixaxis Controller


Forgot to mention that your device has to be rooted. And for newer HTC and Samsung devices that might be incompatible, installing a custom ROM like Cyanogen should solve that problem.

The Future Of Gaming

2 Aug 2011  1 Comment

A little Australian software company might just revolutionize the gaming industry if what they claim is true. The are claiming they can make games look 100,000 times better than what they look today by using “Atoms” instead the usual polygons.

Cyonagemod 7 on Samsung Galaxy SII

26 Jul 2011  No Comments

Cyanogenmod 7 on SGSII UT1

Cyanogen mod is finally available for the Samsung Galaxy SII. Its not the final release yet, but I have been waiting a while for this mod so I jumped in as soon as they released their nightly builds for the SII.

The phone feels much snappier (if that is even possible) as there is now much less crap running in the background. And there is the usual tweaks of CM7, Like in the camera, dialer and other departments. But if you are using the SII as your main phone I would advise that you hold off a little while longer for a stable version.

Cyanogen Mod is available to a number of android devices. Check out their website to see if your device is supported.


Galaxy SII Nightly builds

Adobe’s First Mac Store App is Here

21 Jul 2011  No Comments

Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 9 Editor is the first Adobe application to hit the Mac App Store. I wonder how long will it be before we see Photoshop CS5 there as well.

The Latest And Best Arabization For The Samsung Galaxy S II So Far

21 Jun 2011  5 Comments

Arabic Samsung Galaxy S II

I showed previously a method that required a little command prompt know-how or required you just blindly follow the video to get Arabic support on your Galaxy S II.

Madmack, The guy who is almost single handedly bringing Arabic support to the SGSII released another custom ROM based on the leaked middle east ROM. Its stable and has great battery life. I highly recommend it. Also installing it is very simple.

Installing this ROM will wipe you device clean. so backup using titanium rom if you want your stuff.

Download the files needed from here

Installation guide: (From XDA-Developers)
1. put phone in Download Mode by holding Volume Down+Home Button+Power Button.
2. open Odin 1.85
3. Place my file in PDA.
5. flash away.
6. (Optional) factory resetting is probably a good idea too. Some people have suggested that it helps with bad battery drain when moving from one ROM to another.

Via XDA Developers

How To get iOS 5 on Your iOS Device

9 Jun 2011  5 Comments

If you are a developer you already know how to get the latest beta version of iOS and register your device to enable the installation if that beta software. If you are not a developer, you can still test out the latest Apple mobile OS by firstly downloading the latest beta builds of iTunes and iOS 5 from here. And then you must register you iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch as a developer’s device. There are a few websites that do that ranging from $7-$10 per device. Check them out here,here or here.

After getting all the necessary requirements. The first thing you should do is install the beta version of iTunes. Then launch it and select your idevice’s icon in iTunes and then click on “Restore” while holding “Control” if you are using windows on the “Option” key of you are using a Mac. Select the iOS 5 beta file that you downloaded and the rest should go smoothly.


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