Apple’s New iOS 5 And Other Announcements + Video

7 Jun 2011  3 Comments

If you follow me on twitter I would have bombarded you with tweets yesterday about both the WWDC and the E3 conferences that were taking place at almost the same time yesterday. Both had some exciting news coming out of them.


First off, when you get iOS 5, you would not need to hook it up to iTunes for activation using a Mac or a PC. Taking a play from Google, apple will be doing the activation wirelessly.



This one was the most anticipated. Apple revamped the notification system on the iOS. making actually getting a notification more tolerable. Again a “borrowing” the idea from Google’s Android. you can slide down the screen a see all you notification and both the weather and stock widgets (and only widget sadly). Also, notifications will show up on your lockscreen. Making if more than just a glorified clock.

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Windows 8 in Action

2 Jun 2011  No Comments

Microsoft released a video showing an operating version of Windows 8. The Metro UI is a great touch-screen skin. I love it on the Windows Phone 7 and it looks great here. also, Microsoft seems to have got multitasking exactly right for tablets according to the video.

Tasker: The Must Have App For Android

29 May 2011  6 Comments


Tasker really shows the strength of the Android OS and how its taking advantage of the openness of the platform. With this program you can automate almost any task on your phone.

Some examples of some profiles I have created for the App:

  • Make your music automatically play when you plug your headset.
  • Turns off the ringer and switch the phone to vibrate only as soon as I’m at work.
  • Switch on WiFi and turns ringer volume on to half way when I’m at home.
  • Turns on “Airplane mode” at midnight so I won’t get any notifications and turns the phone back on with my alarm.
  • When the remaining battery life is less than %15, the brightness is switched down to minimum, radios are switched to 2G and GPS is turned off to conserve battery life.

These are just a few examples of what I’m doing with the phone.


Tasker – Homepage Replacment

24 May 2011  3 Comments

If you are the kind of user that the default single homepage doesn’t cut it for you you might want to give a look. I remember when Marzouq first wrote about the services when it used to be called fav4 and you only could have 4 icons/shortcuts from a handful of selections.

A few months later fav4 was given an overhaul and now is known as, where the number of the shortcuts/icons increased significantly. You can also add your own pages and edit existing ones. Its been my homepage for a while now and love it.


23 May 2011  No Comments

UT1 - Desktop

I am not that into customization of my PC’s due to the fact I format them every few months, because I love the “fresh start” feeling it gives me.

SO I wasn’t keen on trying Rainmeter, a Windows customization app the makes making your machine look the way you want as painless as possible. It gives you the ability to  customize the hell out of your PC.

The image above is of my desktop using one of Rainmeter’s default skins with a little extra tweaking.

Rainmeter [Link]

More Skins [Link]

Blogging From Your iPad? Use Blogsy

23 May 2011  7 Comments

I rarely blog on my iPad or even use it lately. But after stumbling on Blogsy, I might just use it more often.

Blogsy is a fully featured blogging application that supports WordPress and Blogger platforms at the moment. And is 10 times better than the official WordPress app.

It’s pretty straight forward to use and you can embed media from a number of online services and also from any webpage using the apps own integrated browser. It lacks the ability to add photos from your library, but its coming in the next update according to the developers.

The app costs . I think it’s worth it.

Blog@, A New Kuwaiti Blogs App

1 May 2011  No Comments

Fahad Al-Ibrahim (founder of Ezgrt) just released a new app called Blog@ that contain a number of kuwaiti blogs rss feeds and twitter accounts among other things all in one clean interface. Whats cool about Blog@ is that its a universal App meaning it will work o both iPhone and iPad.

Oh and its free too.


Google Voice Actions

12 Apr 2011  1 Comment

This video shows you how to make use of the Voice Search function that is available in the Android OS. Its pretty powerful and useful.

BlackBerry AppWorld Officially Launches In Kuwait

10 Apr 2011  2 Comments

BlackBerry AppWorld

Yesterday, Blackberry owners here in Kuwait were surprised to see that they had new updates pending in the AppWorld application for those who had it installed. And for those who didn’t , Following the link below gave me the opportunity to download the latest version of the app on my Curve 8900. Also linking a payment method (I used a paypal account with a Kuwaiti credit card) to your account was a breeze.


Google Goggles Now Solves Sudoku

11 Jan 2011  No Comments

I just read this and had to try it. Google Goggles solves sudoku puzzles wit ease.


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