Android 3.0 Preview

7 Jan 2011  No Comments

Google really meant it when they said that they are developing a tablet centric version of android. Honeycomb looks like its going to be great. I’ve always complained about the waste of space and lack of live info on the iPad’s screen. And it looks like the 3.0 version of android is going to fix that.

The first Honeycomb device should be out as early as March.

MacUpdate Fall Bundle

15 Sep 2010  1 Comment

I posted perviously about MacUpdate promotions and bundles. I just noticed that the released their fall bundle. There are 3 apps that I liked and made me purchase the bundle Toast 10 Titanium, My Living Desktop and Live Interior 3D the extra apps are not bad but I think I would hardly use them. Toast 10 by itself makes the bundle worth it.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs iPhone App

8 Sep 2010  No Comments


يسر وزارة الخارجية الكويتيه، وبمناسبة قرب حلول عيد الفطر المبارك وموسم
السفر، أن تعلن لمواطني دولة الكويت عن إطلاقها لخدمات تقنية نوعيّة
مجانية وذلك ابتداءً من اليوم الثلاثاء الموافق 7/9/2010.
وإستجابةً للتطورات التقنية المتسارعة، وإسهاماً منها في التيسير على
المسافرين من مواطني دولة الكويت ومراجعي بعثاتها في الخارج وسرعة
تواصلهم مع السفارات، وفّرت وزارة الخارجية لمستخدمي أجهزة الـ I Phone ،
الـ I Pad و الـ I Pod ميزة الإنزال المجّاني للبرنامج المعنون “Ministry
of Foreign Affairs State of Kuwait” عن طريق الـAPP Store للإستفادة من
تطبيقاته وخدماته المتعددة التي تُرشد المستخدم إلى البعثة الدبلوماسية
المراد الوصول إليها وذلك عن طريق خدمة تحديد الموقع، إضافةً إلى عنوان
البعثة الدبلوماسية (سفارة / قنصلية) وساعات دوامها الرسمي وهواتفها
وبريدها الإلكتروني.
كما إن من شأن البرنامج أن يُؤمِّن استلام مواطني دولة الكويت لآخر
الإرشادات الخاصة بالسفر والأخبار والتنويهات الصادرة عن وزارة الخارجية،
مما يكفل الإطلاع الفوري على المستجدات والإحاطة المباشرة بها، وذلك في
سابقةٍ تُعد الأولى من نوعها على نطاق الخدمات المقدمة من وزارات
الخارجية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط.
و تعد النسخة المطروحة نسخة تجريبية حيث يمكن لمستخدميها التواصل مع
الوزارة عن طريق البريد الالكتروني ” ” في حال وجود اي
ملاحاظات و اقتراحات بشان الخدمة.

Google Chrome v6

4 Sep 2010  5 Comments

I’ve been using Google Chrome ever since it got released 2 years ago. And to mark the 2 year celebration, Google released version 6 with some really cool features such as bookmark syncing (very nice) and extension syncing (super nice). Now I have all my Chrome browsers look and feel the same with the same extensions too.
I really recommend google chrome as its one of the fastest browsers out there.

It’s All Good

3 Sep 2010  5 Comments

About 2 weeks ago I posted about my PC and Windows Home Server both are out of commission. And I was taking my PC to Hawally that same day.

Well after fotor I took my PC to Hawally and the first 3 or 4 shops didn’t want to even touch my PC saying that they don’t have similar parts and so the wont even open the case. After they directed me to go to a certain shop. He told me to leave the PC and the installation CD’s with him and he’ll get back to me. I didn’t have the cd’s with me so I decided to take the PC back the next day with the discs. And also after removing any personal files I had on the PC.

After cleaning up one of the HDD’s I thought why wouldn’t I just try doing a clean installation on that drive to see if it works to just really make sure its a hardware and not a software issue. After installation everything worked just fine. The problem turned out to be with windows’s page file copying it self in 2 different locations.

Anyway everything is running smoothly now Thank god.

Now Thats An Alarm Clock

21 Aug 2010  7 Comments

I have a problem were I dismiss an alarm prematurely and go back to sleep, casing me to be late for work and appointments.

This is a great idea, would have to do some calculations before I can dismiss the alarm.

How To Update Your Nexus One To 2.2 (Froyo)

23 May 2010  1 Comment

  • Download the update from here.

The rest of the steps I posted before here. But just incase you are lazy, here you go:

  • Rename the file to
  • Copy the file onto your microSD card.
  • With your Nexus One off, hold down the trackball and press the power button.You’ll be booted into a white screen with three Android robots on skateboards.
  • Select “Bootloader.”
  • On the next screen, select “Recovery.”
  • Your phone will reboot, giving you a picture of the Android robot and an exclamation point inside a triangle.
  • Now press the power button and volume up button at the same time. It could take a couple of tries.
  • Now (using the trackball this time) choose “Apply”

After the installation is complete, you will still have to download and install Flash 10.1 to get things going, just click on any “get latest flash” link in the browser and you are set. or just search for it in the market place.


Top 8 iPad Apps

24 Apr 2010  7 Comments

So you just got your fancy iPad, what are you doing with it? are you just browsing the web with the flashless browser? here are some apps that I think should cater all tastes.



photo 2 (1)

This is by far the best app you can get for your iPad, being able to stream all your video files via the internet to your iPad no matter what format it is is just great for anybody with any kind of a video collection. It does live conversion on the fly and  its pretty quick. and its just amazing on a local network.

photo 1 (1)



photo 3 (1) Do you read magazines? I’ve been using Zinio on my PC for more than 2 years now, and I was disappointed with their iPhone release a few months back but man is the new iPad version is just awesome. It has a very good variety of magazines and the annual subscription prices are just too compelling.

Offline Pages


photo 3 (2)

This app lets you store a full webpage wth its formatting for offline viewing it later. This is great especially that this version of the iPad is wifi only, and this will really helpful when you are an a flight. its better than RSS reader in my opinion but needs a little bit more work.



photo 1 (2)

I’ve talked about logmein before, its a remote desktop controlling app. the free desktop version is just so compelling. I know $30 seems much but its the best remote desktop app there is I think. and it was an easy decision because I already purchased the iPhone version.



photo 2 (2)

This is the might not the best note taking app on the iPad but the ability to sync your notes to multiple platforms make this the most efficient one. I’ve got this setup on my Desktop PC, desktop Mac, Macbook pro, My windows laptop, my 2 Android phones , my iPhone and now my iPad. When I take a note on any platform it will be synced to my other devices automatically. Just great.



photo 2 (3)

This is a very good app, its an upgrade to Shazam, in addition to the ability to recognize songs via the iPad built-in microphone, it can  be integrated to your iPad music library and search for music lyrics, videos, artist bio and discography.



photo 1 (3)

This is a very nifty little piece of software, it gives you the ability to transfer file wirelessly to from your PC to your iPad and it has a built-in browser that you can download files in which is also great.

Notable Mentions:

NewsRack, Delivery Status, Kindle, IMDB, PenUltimate, Camera For iPad, Weather HD and Notes.

For more app considerations, check out Marzouq’s post.

MacUpdate Bundle For Mac Users

31 Mar 2010  6 Comments

I dont know how I forgot to post about this. MacUpdate are in the final hours of the Spring Bundle Promo. You’ll get 10 apps at a huge discount. I purchased the bundle just because it included Parallels 5 which sells at $80 but the bundles whole price is $50 , so I would recommend it just for Parallels.
Software that are included in the bundle:

Parallels 5 ($80)
Hydra ($80)
Timeline 3D ($65)
SpellCatcher X ($40)
Back-In-Time ($30)
MacScan ($30)
ForeverSave ($15)
WebSnapper ($15)
HyperSpaces ($13)
MacDVDRipper Pro ($10)

So I encourage all Mac users to check it out. And I recommend it especially if you haven’t got Parallels already.


TVU – Watch TV Anywhere

14 Mar 2010  1 Comment


TVU is a good way to watch a number of TV channels via internet either using your PC,Mac or iPhone. On all platforms you will need to install an application that will act as your player.

TVU - Movies

In the desktop version its much easier to search for a channel as there are categories you can go through. But once you get to know the good channels, it shouldn’t be hard to hunt them down on the iPhone too. And I also recommend once you find a channel you like, add it to you favorites.

IMG_0180 IMG_0190


I’ve tried TVU on my iPhone a few months back. it was pretty stable and did what is said it did. And today, I gave the desktop version a try.

Both desktop and iPhone apps are free.



Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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