Ninite: Your Post Format Website

22 Feb 2010  2 Comments


I  just formatted my PC and did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate, after formatting there are a ton of important programs and applications that need to downloaded and are all over the internet. Thanks to Ninite you don’t have to go hunting them down.

Ninite homepage gives you a list of the most important application that the mainstream user might need with a verity of selections. After ticking your selections the website gives you a single file to run that will automatically download all the apps with no fuss.

Ninite is a great program that will make my upcoming formatting sessions much easier :)

Ninite installs software fast with default settings and
says "no" to browser toolbars and other junk.

Ninite checks your PC’s language and 64-bit support
to install the latest, best version of each program.

Ninite runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 and works in the
background unattended and 100% hands-free.

All Ninite does is automatically download and install
the apps you select. Not even Ninite is installed.


Nokia Offering Turn-by-Turn Navigation For Free

21 Jan 2010  No Comments

Nokia Ovi Maps

Nokia just announced today that most of Nokia owner can download the new map/nav application for free on their devices.

So that puts it on par with android devices. Except we don’t have good Google maps coverage here in the middle east. Hope Nokia’s offering is much better.


$1000 App from Apple iTunes Store

18 Jan 2010  1 Comment

In 2008 Apple withdrew their “I Am Rich” app from the app store which sold 8 copies and only featured a red gem (shown below) on the iPhone’s home screen. They came under heavy abuse for even allowing an app of this sort into their App Store.


But now they are back with a real and working app that also costs $1000.  BarMax CA is a legitimate application which helps law students prepare for the BAR exam. Its price is allegedly justified because companies with the same styled programs sell it for between $3000-$4000. If you find yourself obliged to buy the app you can find it here.


Miscelleanous Items – iPhone to Carbon Fiber to Red Eyes

3 Dec 2009  7 Comments

With the Carbon Fiber fad still coming on strong, and the iPhone fad even stronger, you can find this carbon fiber iPhone case at


Buy it from here.

If you want to feel the ultimate carbon fiber wrapped around your body all day at the office, you have the Authentic Ferrari F360 Challenge Carbon FIber Office Chair.


If you have $8,000 dollars you dont know what to spend on, buy it from here.

Want to use your iPhone/iPod touch to control your TV, stereo, cable box, DVD, etc..?


Download the free app from the iTunes App Store and buy this hardware from here.

Want Android 2.1? Even weirder Carbon Fiber stuff? More than an iPhone case? Want to drive real fast but safe? Then read below. Continue Reading

Hexatech F1 Simulator

18 Nov 2009  10 Comments


I saw this at a blog i have been reading for a while, Eleventh-St, and i think it is the car enthusiasts answer to microsoft’s flight simulator. Its worth £120,000 and will use either three 42 inch screens or stereo projectors. Among other things, it will recreate the g-forces felt in a real f1 car as accurately as possible. It is being marketed as not being a video game, i beg to differ. Maybe our friends at Gulfrun can make it part of their event for the future. Thanks Eleventh-St.



Photoshopping Just Got Easier

7 Oct 2009  1 Comment

Check out this video

The Rejects

8 Sep 2009  No Comments

have you always wondered which iPhones app never made it to the app store, or made it and then got booted out? What were the reasons for Apple not accepting them? From third party copy right infringment, to being defamatory to a public figure, to even “causing confusion to another app”. Most of the apps rejected would not be of interest to most of us either way. Baby shaking, George W. Bush and Google… this list has got them all.



You can find in the link below the top 20 most notorious apps which got rejected from the iTunes Apps store.

Random Information of the day : “Spotify have released both their iPhone and Android mobile apps, a little over a week after Apple approved it in late August. Premium subscribers to the streaming music service will now be able to access Spotify’s catalog on their iPhone, iPod touch, or any of the Android devices currently available. It looks to have just gone live in Europe where you can now have access to over 6 million songs on your iPhone for roughly $20 a month.” Taken from here and here.

App of the Week

2 Sep 2009  6 Comments

Its that time again when we bring you the app of the week as we search for the best apps of 2009 on the various platforms. This time we take a stroll into the world of augmented reality.  Welcome to the future.

The application is called Wikitude World Browser.


So what is augmented reality exactly?  According to Wikipedia… Continue Reading

Take120 Downloads

30 Aug 2009  No Comments

Untitled is a Kuwait-based website with a torrent style/file-sharing set up. The main difference is you buy tokens or tickets for each movie, show, song, piece of hardware, etc.. And you cannot upload your own files to the site. You ask why should i pay if i can download a torrent for free? Fair enough. But also why order from or if you can get the same things without a charge? To start, these are all verified files at take120, and also you will be guaranteed to download at the full speed of your internet connection. So like those other sites (6alabat & taw9eel), this is more of a convenience issue. More answers to all your frequently asked questions are available at the site, with a full library of its files. Check it out here.

Apps of the Week

27 Aug 2009  2 Comments

This week we have a double whammy of Apps to cater to all you geeks out there. Whether it be iPhone, Android or Blackberry, the following Apps will work on your platforms.


For the 2 Apps of the moment continue reading… Continue Reading


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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