My Media Center

25 Aug 2009  7 Comments

I’ve been planning to talk about my media center setup for a while now, but didn’t really have the time to write about it.

ASRock NetTop 2.jpg

I got the ASRock Ion 330 as the my Media center. The reason I went with this is the Dual core Atom processor and the built-in Ion chipset for crunching HD video. It has 2GB RAM, a 160GB HDD, DVD writer, VGA, HDMI and a bunch of USB ports on the back. And because of its size.

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HTC Hero vs iPhone 3G/3Gs

13 Aug 2009  43 Comments


After finally giving up my iPhone 3G (which i was enjoying apart from some trivial stuff), i got my hands on the HTC Hero.  This will not be an indepth review of both, but a basic and quick comparison as N. will post his full review of the HTC Hero soon. I will forego all the basic specs such as Wi-Fi, Quadband, bluetooth, etc. cuz every smart phone should have that. Continue Reading

iPhone App of the Week

5 Aug 2009  2 Comments


Truveo is an App available at  theiTunes store for free (mr carwash will enjoy that) for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s basically a video search engine. Continue Reading

Log Me In – Software Review

28 Jul 2009  4 Comments

Log Me In.jpg

When my long trip to San Diego came up, I looked for a way to manage my home PC remotely and for free. But also needed an efficient way to do it. And so I came across Logmein.

Log Me In is a free web-based service that lets you control and manage multiple Mac/PC’s computer with a browser and internet access.

My Computers.jpg

My main reason for using such a service was too keep track of my downloads and make use of my internet connection while I’m gone. And Logmein helped me with that.

logmein iphone windows.jpg

There is also a Logmein iPhone app that lets you control your computer from via your iphone (it costs $30) and the iphone has trouble handling the screen resolution even if you bring it down,I was using an iPhone 3G but it might be better with the iPhone 3G S.

logmein iphone mac.jpg

You can’t transfer files between computers in the free version. But you can use other apps such as Dropbox which works flawlessly.

Logmein is not lightning fast, though lowering the screen resolution helps a lot, but it certainly gets the job done, and its free.


Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

What Does iPhone 3.0 Mean To Me

11 Jun 2009  No Comments

iPhone os 3.jpg

I wrote a while a go how to get iphone os 3.0′s features by a combination of jailbreaking and official applications via the app store.

After installing 3.0 on my iphone here is a quick rundown of the apps that are rendered obsolete with 3.0:

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Download iPhone OS 3.0

10 Jun 2009  No Comments

iPhone os 3.jpg

Can’t wait for the 3.0 to hit the net on the 18th? well you can download it now via torrent.

The file is for the iphone 3G only

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Apple WWDC 2009 Highlight

8 Jun 2009  4 Comments

Macbook 15.jpg

A new macbook pro line, the 13 and 15″ will have the same battery as the 17″ the will last 5 hours in normal use.

SD card slot, replacing the express-card slot in the 13 and 15″ model only, the 17″ will still have the express card slot.

the starting price will be $1200 for 13″, $1700 for the 15″ and $2500 fro the 17″.


Snow leopard will be released this September for $29!!!!! Has a lot of new features and better performance

iPhone OS 3.0


Native arabic support -woohoo, and a cool new feature that lets you find your iphone if you have misplaced it via your mobileme account.

Available June 17th.

find my iphone.jpg

iPhone 3GS

iphone 3GS.jpg

Better processor, 3mp auto-focus/touch focus camera, video recording, voice control, digital compass, data encryption and better battery.

16 GB model will be $200, the 32Gb $300 and they will keep the current 8Gb iphone for $100. nice.

Availability: in the US in 10 days, rest of the world by August. I think the unlocked version’s price will be ridiculous.

Full keynote here

Images from engadget/buzberry

Skyfire: Enables Flash on Your Windows Mobile and Symbian Phone

28 May 2009  No Comments


Skyfire just came out from beta and available for download. I gave it a try when it in beta on my TYTN II (couldn’t test it on my HTC HD because the resolution wasn’t supported) and it was pretty good. It’s much better than you built-in browser.

Skyfire is supported by all windows-mobile and Nokia S60 3rd Edition phones.


iPhone Slingplayer Over 3G

17 May 2009  No Comments


It was one of the most anticipated applications for the iPhone. I was really looking forward to it.

I’ve been using Slingbox for almost 2 years now, and the Slingplayer software is available for almost every other phone.

The iPhone App was released 5 days ago, and man was it a disappointment. It was very laggy, video keeps buffering every 10-15 seconds and the most
frustrating shortcoming is, NO 3G SUPPORT.


But have no fear, the hacker community is here. if you have a jailbroken iPhone that is. Just download “Tricker Three 3G” from Cydia and thats it. It tricks Slingplayer, Skype and Fring and make them work on your edge/3g data connection.


As you can see from the picture above I’m connected via edge and still can stream video.

Now, if they only fix the other stuff.

Thinking To Counterfeit Using Photoshop… Think Again

9 Feb 2009  No Comments

It seems that Adobe Photoshop has some restriction that not everybody knows about. You can’t use it to scan, edit then print money notes.

Click image for lager view.



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