Vista’s SP1 Mid. Of Next Month !

24 Jan 2008  No Comments


A group industry Analysts and a Taiwanese news outlet speculated the release date in a report by PC World. Although sources close to Microsoft said its not likely. 

via The Tech Report

Skype Video Vulnerability

22 Jan 2008  No Comments

InfoWorld have posted the flaw caused by Skype’s integrated IE component used to view html web pages by opening any link in Skype (i.e. video added to chat), below is a demonstration of how an embedded code in a video launched windows calculator.

"The flaw affects the latest version of Skype — version –. Older versions of the software may also be at risk. Until the Skype guys fix this vulnerability, I recommend that you stop searching for videos in Skype," Said the security researcher Aviv Raff who reported the flaw.

via TechReport

My Phone Is A 3D Mouse …

21 Jan 2008  No Comments

A group of UK developers/researchers created a prototype software enables a camera-phone, with a Bluetooth connectivity, to become a 3D mouse. COOOL


The software will not be available as its been refined.

via New Scientist Tech & Phone Scoop

Updated: Windows 7 In Q3 of 2009 !

21 Jan 2008  No Comments

Does this mean Windows Vista didn’t live up to Microsoft Expectations !


No, It has nothing to do with Vista because it will be used for different purposes.

TGDaily heard from several industry sources the new OS will have a stripped and optimized Kernel called MinWin. The OS will have a Command-line Interface and windows touch features as reported by Hilton Locke in wikipedia. It looks like its aimed for servers that require more stability.

UPDATE 29-01-08: "Windows 7 not coming until 2011?" Tech Report folks posted quoting from WinVistaClub.


via I4U

IPhone Security Threat

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IPhone unlocked, IBricked, then unlocked again. Hacks and workarounds are there on popular demand, no matter what, now security threats can make there way to become IThreats.


IPhone Can IVideo Chat !?

14 Jan 2008  1 Comment


Ecamm developers found a way to add one more feature to your IPhone , which is an application to enable using the built-in Cam as a Web-CAM but it can only work with MAC video application like iChat, Photo Booth or Skype and only on a MAC PC. Yeah I know Compatibility is a B… ! Bzzz

Check out the Demo
via macdaddyworld

Very Cool Computer Program

11 Jan 2008  No Comments

This is a very nice piece of software, a physics simulation on a smart board.

Turn Your WM Device Into A Wireless Router

9 Jan 2008  1 Comment

WMWifiRouter: This awesome piece of software turns your wm phone into a portable wireless router, so that you can use your data plan on any of your devices.

Link via lifehacker

PSP Skype Demo Video

8 Jan 2008  No Comments

Whach this video demo for the PSP Skype

via gametrailers

Top IPhone/IPod Touch Apps

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Got an IPhone? who doesn’t. This is a great article Showing the top 20 IPhone/IPod Touch Software to download, my favorite is the TuneWiki.

Via LifeHacker


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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