Some People Are Just Stupid XI

21 Jul 2009  No Comments

If you are stupid enough to start a slapping contest, don’t go against a guy that is at least twice your size.

This guy learned the hard way.

Some People Are Just Stupid X

16 Jul 2009  No Comments

What is going on here?.jpg

I have no idea what his guy was thinking when he took this photo. why the hell is he wearing a tux, holding a knitting machine and posing in front of a car crash??!!

Some People Are Just Stupid IX

11 Jul 2009  4 Comments

What’s so funny about dead people? Why would I stand in front of an open casket and smile for a photo?

This must be the most idiotic pose ever.


Russian Talent Audition Goes Horribly Wrong

19 Jun 2009  No Comments

This is epic.

The debate is still one if this is real or just a trick, but some people are saying that they made it to the next round. So I guess it was a trick.

Fox News Sucks

6 Jun 2009  2 Comments

We all know that Fox News is the last place to look for news, and everybody that works there is an idiot

This video just proves my point.

Firefox The Best Search Engine?!?! WTF??

29 May 2009  No Comments

After writing my previous post about that CNBC idiot. A Fox News idiot shows up with this screen grab.


If you didn’t notice that, here is another one.

Firefox is the best.jpg

How the hell did any person with any technical knowledge come up with this stupid fact?

1. Firefox is not a search engine, it’s a browser.

2. Microsoft and Apple are neither browser nor search engines.

So, again.


Best Tackle I’ve Ever

25 May 2009  No Comments

Idiot Cop Slams the wrong guy into a wall, leaving him in a coma.

Some People Are Just Stupid II

26 Apr 2009  9 Comments


Some idiot posted the image above. And from the caption you can read that he think it’s the “satanist star”.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the tattoo is actually the jewish star of David.

but hey, he worships Satan; so he must be an idiot.



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