The Sidekick Academy Wins 2 Medals in The World Pro 2011 Championship

21 Apr 2011  1 Comment

During the last weekend. The World Pro 2011 championship was held at Abu Dhabi. The guys from the Sidekick Academy participated in the competition and won 2 Jiu-Jitsu bronze medals. Well done guys.

Sergio Ramos Drops the King’s Cup

21 Apr 2011  1 Comment

After yesterdays win against their rivals Barcelona. Real Madrid player were celebrating their new trophy the “Copa Del Rey”. During the celebrations, Ramos seems to drop the Cup and the bus runs over it. Talk about clumsy/unlucky.

Fast Cars vs F1 Cars

13 Jan 2011  2 Comments

This is a side-by-side comparison of two videos. One showing a variety of what is considered to be “Fast Cars” going around a corner and the other video showing F1 cars going around the same corner. The difference is mind-blowing.


حمود سلطان vs أحمد الرواس

10 Jan 2011  6 Comments

Just got this via BBM. Not sure if it happened yesterday though.

شجار في برنامج “المجلس” ليلة أمس بين البحريني “حمود سلطان” والعماني”أحمد الرواس” كاد أن يتطور إلى التشابك بالأيدي..حيث هدد “حمود سلطان” بقتل العماني “أحمد الرواس” معتقدا بأنه أهان دستورمملكة البحرين , مما حدا بأحمد الرواس بتحدي “حمود سلطان” بكلام أثاراندهاش كل الضيوف وحينها قام “حمود سلطان” بخلع “المايكرفون” متجها نحوالعماني , إلا أن قناة الدوري والكأس قطعت إشارة البث عن برنامج “المجلس”فورا

الشيخ / احمد الفهد بعد فوز المنتخب بخليجي 20

11 Dec 2010  No Comments

رولا والقلاف طايحيله صفقه

via alazraq

Blue Post – Yabooh

6 Dec 2010  1 Comment

After 12 years of drought, Kuwait are once again the Gulf champions for the 10th time. Everyone hit the streets after mere minutes of the win. Waleed Ali scored a wonderful goal to hand Kuwait the win.

The current Kuwaiti team is a joy to watch. They’ve got character, spirit and determination which previous teams lacked. I hope they maintain this form going into the Asian Cup next month.

Mabrook to all.

GulfRun 6 Teaser

5 Dec 2010  No Comments

Another awesome and funny video from the guys behind GulfRun. for more info check out their Website.

Qatar Will Host The 2022 Fifa World Cup, And This Is How They Did It

3 Dec 2010  5 Comments

Yesterday, during the Kuwait and Iraq match’s penalty kicks. Sepp Blatter announced the wining hosts for both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. We were changing channels back and forth like crazy and praying for 2 things, 1) for Nawaf Al-Khaldi to make some saves and 2) for Qatar to host the World Cup. Mr. Blatter really got on our nerves with his long introductions, but it wasn’t long before we also started to jump around in excitement and happiness even before Kuwait won the match because Qatar was announced as the winning bidding nation for the the number 1 tournament for the number 1 sport in the world. These 2 videos will show 6 stadiums that Qatar are preparing for the tournament.

Congrats to Qatar for this amazing achievement.

NYC Marathon: The Ant Army

10 Nov 2010  No Comments

A time-laps video showing the 2010 NYC marathon runners starting from the Varrazano-Narrws Bridge.

American Football Middle School Trick Play

8 Nov 2010  2 Comments

This might be the coolest trick play ever.


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