The History of The World Cup Balls

6 Jun 2010  6 Comments

The New York Times has an interactive page showing the evolution of the World Cup over time.

An interesting fact is that in the 1930 world cup final, they used 2 balls for each half. The first half Argentina played with its ball and were leading 2-1 by the end of the half. The second half Uruguay used a slightly larger/firmer ball and ended up wining 4-2.


Abu Dhabi Sport Premier League Subscriptions

3 Jun 2010  19 Comments

Just read on 4thringroad that the new pricing plan for the English Premier League set by Abu Dhabi sport will start rolling out in mid July. The prices are great compared to what Showtime used to offer (cant remember exactly but somewhere around 65-70KD I think) and made you subscribe to a bunch of channels that you didn’t need.

Also a cool new touch is the online streaming capability that make all 380 games available to watch online but needs a separate subscription. Still if you get both subscriptions it will be cheaper than what showtime used to offer.

More details on 4thringroad
ADSC Website

Chelsea Are Champions

9 May 2010  9 Comments

Chelsea just beat Wigan 8-0 in the a majestic performance making this the biggest win of the season. Chelsea also set a new recored for the most goals scored in a season (103). Also Drogba scored a hat-trick to secure the golden boot trophy for the season.

Chelsea also have a chance to win the double, they will be playing Portsmouth in the FA Cup final next saturday (May 15th).

Rooney Out For 2-4 Weeks!!!

31 Mar 2010  4 Comments


It looks like good news for England but terrible news for Manchester United as Wayne Rooney will be fit for the World Cup but miss a handful of games for the champions including key clashes against Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Rooney sprained his ankle during the 2-1 defeat in Germany that left Sir Alex Ferguson fuming about the performance.


Thanks Zidaneoo

Champions League Quarterfinals

30 Mar 2010  2 Comments

Man u Bayern

Manchester United will travel to Munich to face Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena as the UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal kicks-off.

Arsenal Barcelona

Tomorrow will be the highlight of the quarterfinals as Arsenal host Barcelona in the Emirates. A match that should be a beauty.

Matches  will kickoff at 2145 (9:45PM) Local time 1845 (6:45PM) GMT, an hour earlier than previous matches, so don’t miss it.

The Pink Panther: Bu 3oof

21 Mar 2010  7 Comments

AbdulRahman Mohammed Bu ouf is an analist on ShowSport. He was wearing this pink suit today during Manchester United vs Liverpool match. Stylish!!

P.S. Man U won 2-1

Thanks 7amanni

Champions League Draw Results

19 Mar 2010  1 Comment

UEFA CL 2010

Best match is Arsenal vs Barcelona in a reply of the 2006 Champions League final.

Al-Jazeera World Cup Pricing Announced

14 Mar 2010  4 Comments


It seems that AL-Jazeera just announced that if you would like to watch the 2010 World Cup, you will have to fork out $100 ($130 for new customer) to get the pleasure of enjoying the prestigious Football tournament.

But $100 (KD28) is not a lot at all, I remember when ART had the rights for the competitions and people had to pay an arm and a leg (~KD125) to watch 1 month of football.

Thank you Al-jazeera, and I hope I can do the subscription online.

Via Bourashed

Tiger Woods Apologizes

19 Feb 2010  4 Comments

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods publicly apologized for his sex scandal Friday, but the star golfer left unclear when he would return to the sport.

In his first public appearance since the November car accident that touched off the scandal, Mr. Woods defiantly denied rumors that his wife might have hit him, and he implored the media to leave his family alone. He also acknowledged that he has been receiving in-patient therapy for his issues.

via WSJ

GulfRun – The Finale

4 Feb 2010  8 Comments

The end has finally dawned, and GulfRun 5 at the Bahrain International Circuit was over. I think everyone who participated or went to the event enjoyed it, as there was all out safe action and surprises down the way.  Last night was the closing ceremony in Lenotre, and GulfRun with their sponsors, handed out the timings of all the drivers and events and their awards.

Quartermile Drag

For the Street Category :

1. BMW M5

2. Lexus ISF

3. Audi RS4

For the Super Category :

1. Porsche Turbo

2. Mitsubishi Evo-X

3. Honda S2000

For the Unlimited Category :

1. Porsche Turbo

2. Porsche Turbo 99

Continue below for all the times and more pictures.

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