Gulf Run 5: Day 3

31 Jan 2010  2 Comments

 Gulf Run 5 Day 3

Yesterday was the third and final day of the GulfRun. The whole day was drag racing only. The disappointing thing is that not all the cars participated in the event, but it was still a lot of un. Took some cool pictures.

M5 Drag

RS4 vs M3 

All good things must come to an end. Thank you GulfRun you were wonderful.

Taking The Caterham For A Ride

29 Jan 2010  5 Comments

T.Pain took me for a 5 min drive in the Caterham today here at the Bahrain GP Circuit. The car is amazing in cornering and has great acceleration, I really loved it.

Thanks T.Pain

Lamborghini Doughnuts

29 Jan 2010  2 Comments

This is the video I promised you of the Lamborghini Murcielago doing some doughnuts at the GulfRun 5 in Bahrain’s Drift Course.

Gulf Run 5: Day 2

29 Jan 2010  4 Comments

Gulf Run Day 2

Today was a really good day, the weather was a bit hot but very pleasant in the shade. All drivers participated in the full track, and also we saw some compete in the drifting competition that somehow transformed into a doughnut competition.


I also got to jump in a BMW M5 (above) and a Caterham (below) and be driven around the track.

Westfield at GulfRun 5

Lamborghini doughnut  

Tomorrow, Day 3:

The drag race and the conclusion of the GulfRun 5 event. Practice should start by 9:30AM and then the elimination rounds. Should be fun.

will upload some videos shortly.

Thanks to both AAA Jr. and T.Pain for the rides.

Gulf Run 5: Day 1

28 Jan 2010  3 Comments

Gulf Run Day 1

Today was the first day in the Gulf Run 5 event, there was a very good turn up. we saw a lot of people that we knew there. we also saw a lot of bloggers.


We saw a lot of beautiful and exotic cars there as expected.


This was just the first day, and I took almost 400+ pictures, will filter and upload them when I get back.

Tomorrow: Day 2

All cars will have a go at the full track tomorrow. We might also see some drag racing too.

All “White” Basketball League!

26 Jan 2010  1 Comment

“only players that are natural-born United State citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league.”

“Would you want to go to the game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch?”

The above statements  are a couple of the ridiculous comments Don “Moose” Lewis, a former wrestling promoter, has been quoting as saying when marketing his new league. He refers to how “color” has made it more of “street ball” and that basketball leagues (NBA) have lost their fundamentals.


No more superstars and hall of famers like the above then?

Royce Gracie’s First Lesson

21 Jan 2010  2 Comments


Today, we here at Up Till One were invited to attend and cover Royce Gracie’s first lesson during his 3 day stay here in Kuwait.


The event is for 3 days (21st – 23rd), 3 hours a day, anyone can signup for the course. 40KD a day (you can signup for just one day and give it a go and say that you were coached by the great Royce Gracie in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (AKA Gracie Jiu-Jitsu).


Thanks to Mr. Abdulmohsin AL-Babtain and the SIDEKICK ACADEMY (will be opening soon) for the invite.

Bader Al-Mutawa At Malaga F.C. – Video *UPDATED*

21 Jan 2010  4 Comments

Bader Al-Mutawa at Malaga F.C. training session during his trial period.

Thanks Nasser

It looks like Malaga FC has requested from Al-Qadsiya FC to extend Bader Al-Mutawa’s trial period (from 1 week to 10 days) after doing very well in his first trial session. Best of luck to him.

Thanks Mahmoud

Original post found here.

Worst Goalkeeper Ever

18 Jan 2010  2 Comments

After the sad events of the beginning of the Tournament in Angola with the shooting and withdrawal of Togo from the championship, we have now seen a lighter side of football.

This is goalkeeper Joao Rafael in the game between Benin vs Mozambique from the African Cup of Nations. He made a “routine” save late in the game almost cost him a goal and a broken neck! Hilarious fail moment from the ACN.

Bader Al-Mutawa and Malaga FC

16 Jan 2010  8 Comments

Qadsiya and Kuwait National team player, Bader Al-Mutawa has been offered a 7 day trial period at Malaga FC in La Liga. His trial will begin on the 18th of January, let’s hope he doesnt pull a “Yasser Qahtani”. Yasser was invited on a trial at Manchester City during the reign of Sven Goran Ericsson, and decided to take an entourage of around 40 of his friends/relatives who were literally cheering him on and clapping during practice. That was enough to help them make the decision on not to sign him.  Bader Al-Mutawa, now 25 years old has a chance to make an impact and be one of the few Middle Eastern players playing in a European club. Off the top of my head I can only think of Bolton’s Omani goalie Ali Al-Habsi. Good luck to him. 


Check Bader AL-Mutawa’s video during training in Malaga FC here


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