Yarmouk what?!!

5 Aug 2009  9 Comments


Yesterday I was reading the newspaper (It’s been a while) starting with the sports section (obviously :)) and I came across this which made me throw it away … the question is: why in hell didn’t anyone notice it?? The coach (he’s Czech, maybe that’s why) … the team (yeah right) …. the newspaper that decided to go with this picture!!! You judge. [Al-Watan]

N: this maybe a contender for Badliyah of the week I guess :)

Schumacher is Back

30 Jul 2009  No Comments

Schumacher & Massa

In what can only be music to Ferrari fans’ ears, the seven-time World Champion in coming back to stand in for the injured Massa for the rest of the season. Subject to passing a medical, the 40-year-old German will return at the European Grand Prix in Valencia on Aug 23. Schumacher has made it clear that he is stepping in only to help the team for which he won five of his titles and, in particular, Massa with whom he struck up a close friendship during their 2006 season driving for the Italian team.

On related news, Massa is now out of ICU and according to his doctors he can ‘speak, sit upright and was even able to take his first steps’ and in the right direction for a full recovery.

SeaBreacher – The Coolest Water Vehicle Ever

15 Jul 2009  No Comments

Seabreacher Surface.jpg

After reading 4thringroad’s post about their latest summer toy, I came across this:

The Seabreacher might be the coolest water vehicle ever. It’s a dolphin inspired jetski/submarine hybrid, with a top speed of 35-40 mph on the surface, and up to 20mph under water.

Seabreacher Diving.jpg

It’s a bit pricey though, price starts at US$48,000 for a standard model, up to about US$68,000 for a high performance, heavily customized version with all the options.

But I think it’s worth it.


Footballers Umra

26 Apr 2009  1 Comment


Received this via email yesterday.

The guy in the middle seemed to have caught Franck Ribery (left) – the French international and Hamit Altintop (right) – the turkish international during Umra. Both players play for Bayern Munich.

Thanks Nasser

UEFA Cup Draw Results

20 Mar 2009  No Comments


Here are the results fortoday’s UEFA Cup draw.

Most important maches are:

Hamburg vs. Man City

Bremen vs. Udinese

Matches will be held on 9th and 16th of April.

UEFA Champions League Draw

20 Mar 2009  No Comments

UCL Draw

UCL Draw

That’s the draw for the last 16 in the UEFA Champions league. too bad we have 2 english teams against eachother.

1st leg: 07/08 April; 2nd leg: 14/15 April at 11:45 PM Kuwait local time.


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