Palm Pre Reviews Hit The Net

4 Jun 2009  No Comments


Well, Palm Pre is just a few days away from launch (next Saturday) and the reviews are popping up all over the net.

So what’s the verdict? It’s a wonderful phone with a lot of room for improvement. Hardware is good (I don’t care if they say it’s a little flimsy, physical keyboard is a humongous plus for me), software is pretty good all-around (even bests the iPhone in a lot of places) but there is definitely room for improvement.

Now we wait for a GSM version.

Read the review [Engadget]

Android Netbook

1 Jun 2009  No Comments

Android Netbook.jpg

This is something new, its been rumored for a while now that the Android OS will make its way to the big leagues.

Today at COPUTEX, ARM showed off a demo unit (that looked like ASUS 1008ha) that got their new 1GHz Snapdragon super-chip that is capable of running HD video without breaking a sweat, along with built-in 3G/WWAN/GPS.

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Firefox The Best Search Engine?!?! WTF??

29 May 2009  No Comments

After writing my previous post about that CNBC idiot. A Fox News idiot shows up with this screen grab.


If you didn’t notice that, here is another one.

Firefox is the best.jpg

How the hell did any person with any technical knowledge come up with this stupid fact?

1. Firefox is not a search engine, it’s a browser.

2. Microsoft and Apple are neither browser nor search engines.

So, again.


Transformers Blaster USB Hub

23 May 2009  No Comments

Transformers Blaster USB Hub.jpg

I poster 2 days ago about Ravege USB drive. Today I came across what looks like an updated Autobots Blaster, he turns into a Qosmio branded mini looking laptop witch is really a USB hub instead his original transformation to a cassette player.

Transformers Blaster USB Hub 2.jpg

This will also cost $42 and will be released in September.

The Fit PC 2

21 May 2009  No Comments

Fit PC 2.jpg

I think this will be a really good mini HTPC, its fan-less so it should be really quite for starters.

It also have the Z530 processor so it should handle HD video just fine, a built in IR receiver – witch is really important for Media Centers, but no bluetooth.

Release is scheduled for this month and the price for the Windows XP SP3 version is about $400.

I might get one of these.


Full specs after the break
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Transformers Ravage USB Flash Memory

20 May 2009  5 Comments


This is a must for any Transformers fan. It’s Ravege who is a part of the old Soundwave – new Soundwave in Transformers 2 won’t feature Ravage I think.

2 GB for $43 a good deal for me.


iPhone Slingplayer Over 3G

17 May 2009  No Comments


It was one of the most anticipated applications for the iPhone. I was really looking forward to it.

I’ve been using Slingbox for almost 2 years now, and the Slingplayer software is available for almost every other phone.

The iPhone App was released 5 days ago, and man was it a disappointment. It was very laggy, video keeps buffering every 10-15 seconds and the most
frustrating shortcoming is, NO 3G SUPPORT.


But have no fear, the hacker community is here. if you have a jailbroken iPhone that is. Just download “Tricker Three 3G” from Cydia and thats it. It tricks Slingplayer, Skype and Fring and make them work on your edge/3g data connection.


As you can see from the picture above I’m connected via edge and still can stream video.

Now, if they only fix the other stuff.

My Shooting Package

22 Apr 2009  No Comments


I misplaced my point and shoot camera some time ago, i had my DSLR the alpha 350. But still needed a compact point and shoot.

So I got the T900 witch was just released and a GPS companion for the camera.

I’ve been using it for over a week now, and think that it takes pretty good stills, haven’t tried it in low light conditions yet. It shoots 720P video it was nice in bright places but awful if the dark.

the GPS unit has a built in card reader, just switch it on, go on your road trip and start taking pictures. then simply insert the card in the unit and hit sync. That’s geotagging.

The GPS unit reads the time stamp on the pictures and matches them to your location on the unit from the log. its that simple.

I’m using iPhoto witch can read GPS EXIF in your photos, and plot your images on google maps.



I Think it a pretty nice combination all around, The camera and GPS unit are overpriced but hey thats Sony for you. And I would have loved them to be integrated but there isn’t a good option out there yet.

Camera:  ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

GPS Unit:  ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

Minority Report Tech Is Becoming A Reality

22 Mar 2009  No Comments

Wait, it’s even better than that. It’s just too awesome to explain just watch the video.

Thanx Bo 5illi


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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