VIVA Annonces 4G Network in Kuwait

18 Aug 2010  7 Comments

We were invited to attend the VIVA’s “VIVA Speed transition Experience” press conference that was held yesterday in their Marina Mall branch at 9-ish PM yesterday.

The beginning of the press conference, they said “we told you in our last press conference that we are going to release something big in the coming weeks” I had no idea about the last press conference but got excited just because they were hyping it up for a few weeks now so it got to be something big. “We are proud to announce the first 4G network in Kuwait” and held up one of 2 4G modems they had at the conference.

After that they invited the attendees to to some hands-on testing and if anyone got any questions. All the reporters had questions and all the blogger were on top of the laptop to do some testing. There I had the pleasure to meet in person JMB from Blushberry, Salem and Mohammed from Q8BlackMarket and mr 360Dewan himself.

After fiddling around with the device and the laptop doing some speed tests that showed up to 70Mb Download speeds and up to 30 Mb upload speeds (those were the best result we’ve witness during the event.
VIVA will be the second telecom company to release an LTE network after Norway’s TeliaSonera. But after some googling it turns out that TeliaSonera is actually Swedish/Finnish . And after asking Mr. Najeeb Al-Awadi way LTE (Long Term Evolution) instead of WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) he said there are a number of reasons, LTE has much better theoretical download (360 Mbits/s) and upload speeds (80 Mbits/s) than WIMAX (144 Mbits/s Down and 30 Mbits/s up). The other reason that its backed up by most major carrier in the world. Unlike WIMAX which has its only operational WIMAX network in the US by Sprit Network (4th largest telco. in the States).

Also there are plans to upgrade the current generation of LTE networks to what is called LTE Advanced which has theoretical downlink speeds of 1 Gbits/s.

The expected release of the Kuwait’s first 4G network is Q4 2010. Mr. Al-Awadi said we are almost ready to release it just waiting for some paperwork to clear from the ministry.

I would like to thank Mrs. Hind Ahmad Al-Nahedh for the invite.
360Dewan’s coverage here.
Q8BlackMarket’s coverage here
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iPhone 4 Jailbreak is Here

2 Aug 2010  4 Comments

iPhone iOS 4 jailbreak for iPhone 3G,3GS and 4 has been released for your jailbreaking pleasure,. whats really cool about this jailbreak is that the hack is web based via exploiting the Safari browser and no extra downloading of software or even connecting your phone to a PC/Mac is required (although backing up is highly recommended). All you need to do is visit a website and everything is automatically is done for you. Jailbreaking my 3G went without a hitch and a sign of success is the appearance of a Cydia icon.

Jailbreak here

Youtube Video Upload Limit Increased To 15 Minutes

30 Jul 2010  1 Comment

Youtube increased the video uploading length limit by 50% yesterday bringing it to a total length of the uploaded video to 15 minutes. I still haven’t found a reason that I would need more than a couple of minutes but I’ll never say no to anyone who is giving me more.

iPhone 3G + iOS4 = A Brick

29 Jul 2010  3 Comments

Ever since I upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS4 it turned the phone into an unusable piece of hardware. I wasn’t using my iPhone that much ever since I got the Nexus One but now I cant even use it as an MP3 player. The phone is laggy, unresponsive and crashes frequently. I just cant wait for my iPhone 4 to arrive.

The video shows the iPhone 3G with the iOS4 running. The problem is I have it worse than what they are showing on the video.

Navigate With The Force

12 Jul 2010  1 Comment

Just saw this on zdistrict’s blog, its a TomTom ad for a new voice package for their navigation devices. I think its great. if its available on any phone (Android or iPhone) I would definitely get it. There are 3 voice packs available at the moment: Darth Vader, Yoda and C-3PO. Has Solo is coming soon. The video above of the Darth Vader ad while the one below is the new Yoda ad.


The New Youtube Mobile Website

9 Jul 2010  2 Comments

Youtube just launched its new HTML5 enabled website optimized for mobile phones that doesn’t support flash Yes I’m talking about the iPhone. the new website is slick fast and even better than the youtube application on the iPhone. And it runs great on my Nexus One too.

Thanks DVLz

Music For The Road

7 Jul 2010  3 Comments

During my long drives and endless stop, I came across this neat little jukebox that lets you create your own music CD/SD/USB and fill it with music of your choice. Its a cool idea but I had no use for it as my iPhone and my Nexus One were both filled with both podcasts and music.

Solid MP3 Player

7 Jul 2010  1 Comment

I saw this Metal Gear inspired MP3 player in the SonyStyle store and I thought that its cool. I wouldn’t buy it though I just think that its cool.

Imagine Cup 2010 – Go Team MAA

4 Jul 2010  13 Comments

With the world cup having a 2 day resting period, we can now turn our complete attention to Warsaw, Poland were the Imagine Cup 2010 finals are being held from the 3rd to the 8th of July (you just missed the opening ceremonies don’t worry).

Kuwait was represented by 5 teams in the star of the preliminaries competition that was held a couple of months ago in a competition that had more than 2000 participants. The winners were a Kuwaiti all-woman team. Members are Mariam Al-Najdi, Abrar Amin and Aysha Al-Rowaished, and those girls are representing Kuwait in the finals.

Just because our national football team didn’t make it to the world cup this year (or any other major competition for a number of years) doesn’t mean there isn’t anything for us to cheer for this summer. So pull out your Vuvuzela’s and start cheering for team MMA.

iPhone 4 Announced

8 Jun 2010  5 Comments

Mr. Jobs announced today the new iPhone 4 and iOS 4 to the world with no real surprises sadly as it was leaked a month ago with almost all details.

The phone will be released on June 24th and pre-order will start in a week (keep in mind they are carrier locked).

The main new features will be the front facing camera that enable Video chat (iPhone-to-iPhone only and via wifi only), higher resolution display and the new A4 CPU (iPad’s processor). Also it has some nice “theoretical” battery life, we will just have to wait and see.

Here is the promo video that explains the new features.


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