Where The Hell is Matt

21 Jun 2012  No Comments

Matt Harding is an traveler, video game designer and an internet celebrity with the success of his “Where The Hell is Matt” videos where he travels around the world recording him self dancing.

He just released a new video with places like Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. He was in Kuwait during the filming of the 2008 video.

2008 video:

2006 video:

I’m in …………. A Cooler Place

21 Jul 2011  No Comments


I’ve been in Brussels the past few days, thats why I wasn’t posting as much. The weather hear is great compared to the heat in Kuwait. Having waffles on a daily bases and also fritz (fries) and the occasional chocolates.

The funny thing is that when we first arrived, the taxi driver apologized for the weather.

Marina Bay – Singapore

16 May 2011  2 Comments

I haven’t been anywhere in east asia except for the Maldives islands but I have been hearing a lot of good stuff about Singapore and that it is THE destination if you are eying east asia.

The picture is of the Marina Bay Sands Resort, which looks like a great place to unwind. Now I just have to find some free time for this trip.

Hotel Homepage

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

19 Dec 2010  3 Comments

Last night I came back from a short trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. My friends and I went to see the Inter Milan semi final game and also went to the newly opened Ferrari World.

The design of the building/structure is simply amazing, for me it might be the best looking external and internal building in the world. Also, the whole park is a covered building that is air conditioned which is a great idea due to the weather that we have here in the gulf.

The main reason we went there is to try out the world fastest roller-coaster the Formula Rossa. It uses a catapult mechanism similar to the ones that are used on aircraft carriers to make planes reach their takeoff speeds in short distances. The ride reaches a top speed of 240 kph from a stationary position in 4.9 seconds. Glasses are required for the first line of the first cart only.

Ticket prices are 225 AED for adults and 165 AED for children. The premium prices are 375/270 AED. The line for the Formula Rossa was 2 hours for the regular tickets and 50 mins for the premium ones.

There isn’t much to do in the park apart from the roller coasters and the simulation (which I highly recommend booking an appointment as soon as you enter the park). There are some decent restaurants and a handful of kids activities/rides.

I’m Back

27 Jul 2010  7 Comments

I am back in Kuwait, The weather is not that bad here or maybe I just missed the worst part. Anyway its good to be back.

The 24 Hour Journey Back Home

26 Jul 2010  8 Comments

So today is my last day here in the US, I will be heading back to kuwait enshalla. My flight plan is as follows: San Antonio – Dallas – New York – Kuwait. Currently I’m in JFK airport in New York waiting for my Kuwait Airways flight 118 to board. The weather is unstable here in NYC, there was some heavy showers and some thunderstorms when we came in to land. I’m almost halfway through my trip. Hope the second half goes as smoothly as the first half.

The Horseshoe

24 Jul 2010  1 Comment

When I first arrived here in San Antonio. One of the first places that the guys here took me to was “The Horseshoe”. Its a stretch of the Guadalupe river that is known for tubing (aka toobing). The guys had their own tubes so we went directly to the entry point and entered the water were it was FREEZING.

The 1 mile trip took us 2.5 hours to complete. The weather was great and the place was packed, a little too packed actually, going to the horseshoe and back home took 2 hours each way (usually 1 hour) but still, had fun.

Seeing More of Texas

18 Jul 2010  4 Comments

I left Wichita Falls yesterday and went to San Antonio. This time I flew there thank god. I had an issue when I fist saw the airplane but soon I got over m fears. The best thing in Wichita Falls were Ronnie’s Burger. The Theaters were horrible and I only went and saw 2 movies and I have some catching up to do.

The funny thing was, on the flight to Dallas me and my friend were the only 2 people on the plane. Really I’m not joking, they operated the flight just for us and made us sit in the last row too.

The stewardess even suggested that we share a can of coke. The flight was 20 mins to Dallas and then 45 mins from Dallas to San Antonio.

Ronnie’s Burgers

14 Jul 2010  2 Comments

After asking around the locals here in Wichita Falls, Texas for the best burger place around. I always got the same answer, Ronnie’s Burger.

Me and he guys went there before going to Dallas the other day to have a go at it. We were told also that the place is packed during lunch and dinner time (there is just one place its not a chain) so we thought we might as well go at an odd time like just after work which tuned out to be great.

We got a medium sized cheeseburger each which was the best burger we might have tasted so far on this trip. Its similar to Johnny Rockets burgers but much lighter.
This place is highly recommended IF you are in Wichita Falls

To Dallas and Back

12 Jul 2010  No Comments

I didn’t post the last couple of days because me and the guys decided to go to Dallas for the weekend. We drove there on Saturday morning and came back late Sunday. Its just a 2:30 hour drive from Wichita Falls so it didn’t take much out of the day. We stayed at the Westin Hotel located in the Galleria mall in downtown Dallas, it was a very nice hotel with reasonable prices. We didn’t plan to stay there we decided to just look for a place when we got there and the Westin was the first place we looked at. maybe it was laziness that made us stay there but it was a good choice.


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