The Other Longish Drive

6 Jul 2010  6 Comments

I drove last week for 15 hours from Albuquerque New Mexico to Houston Texas. This time it was form Houston to Wichita Falls. the drive took almost 7 hours with stops, which isn’t as long as the first one.
I’m getting used to long drives as this drive fools like a trip to the supermarket.

Red Lobster

1 Jul 2010  8 Comments

I’ve been here in the states for over 2 months now and haven’t even once been to red lobster. Its not that I was busy or anything but I am more of a burger guy.
And for people who don’t know what Red Lobster is; its a seafood restaurant chain thats not too fancy and not so bad either. Its more of a Friday’s/Chilis level place.

We order some stuffed mushrooms and shrimp bruschetta’s for starters and the Admiral’s Feast to share and a lobster tail each.

The starters were good and the tails were very nice but the Admirals Feast wasn’t that great , I would recommend staying away from that.

Hurricane Alex

30 Jun 2010  1 Comment

Since yesterday the weather was unstable here in Houston. Alex was upgraded from a topical storm to a hurricane yesterday as wind speeds increased dramatically. It’s really raining heavily now wish it rained half as much in Kuwait.
El7imdilla 3ala kil 7al.

The 15 Hour Drive

28 Jun 2010  3 Comments

On Saturday, at exactly 11:15am, we started our road trip from Albuquerque New Mexico to Houston Texas as we have this week off till after the 4th of July weekend.

The trip took exactly 15 hours including our short stops. we arrived at Houston dead tiered at 3:15am local time. We barely could keep our eyes open. We just got back to hour regular sleeping hours and we are good to go. I met up with Zidaneoo here are planing to watch a lot of movies.

Dining At 10,000 Feet: High Finance Restaurant

19 Jun 2010  6 Comments

I mentioned in a previous post that we went to Sandia Peak and rode on the world longest tramway. We wanted to grab a bite to eat at the restaurant at the top of the peak but the waiting time was 2 hours.

So today a group of 18 guys went there armed with a reservation. After the 15 minutes tram ride we were at 10,378ft and we went to the restaurant directly. It was pretty crowded. The view was great but the food wasn’t. I wouldn’t think of dining there other than for the experience.

After dinner we had a photo session and managed to get a couple of nice photos. The weather wasn’t as cold as the last time today but rather a little windy. I wouldn’t recommend it but it was a nice experience. I wasn’t that hungry maybe thats why I wasn’t into their food.

The Grand Canyon

15 Jun 2010  4 Comments

So as promised I’m uploading a few pictures from last weekends trip to The Grand Canyon. The weather there was totally unexpected, it raged from 3-25C, and we where completely unprepared. Friday and Saturday it was cloudy and I was a bit disappointed, but on Sunday the weather was beautiful and managed to snap a few shots.

We were completely deceived as our main trip was to the Colorado River and not to the Grand Canyon, we didn’t know that till we arrived there. A 4 hour, 15 mile trip in a raft. And what makes matters worse it was windy and it rained. we froze our butts off.

You would think by now that I had a really bad time, You are wrong. The group of guys I was with were amazing. The funniest 18 guys from all around the world. Thats why I can’t recommend the trip cause it depends on your company. For us it was non stop laughter for 12 hours straight.

On Friday we arrived at 8pm, we just checked in and went for a quick glance at the Canyon on the south rim. the next day we woke up at 5:30 as our bus ride was at 6:15am. It took 3 hours to get to the boat trip’s starting point. We had to go through a Home Land Security check point and transfer to a special bus for a the last 8 minutes of the trip as we went through the tunnels under the dam. The trip with the raft took 4 hours almost, as I said it rained and some of the guys jumped into the freezing water just to showoff. It was funny seeing them shake for the rest of the trip, I had to donate my jacket for one of them.

After the 3 hours trip back to the lodge we were exhausted. we just had dinner and crashed.

Back Again

14 Jun 2010  4 Comments

I just came back from our grand canyon trip. There was a connectivity-blackout, no internet in the rooms and no data coverage in any of my mobiles. I’m dead tired from the long 10 hour drive back. I managed to get a ton of pictures but haven’t gone through them yet. Will share them really soon.

This Weekend’s Trip: The Grand Canyon

11 Jun 2010  5 Comments

Tomorrow, we will be on a bazillion hour trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona state. this should be a fun trip and I should be able to get some cool pics. I never been to the grand canyon before so I really hoe it will blow my mind.

Of course being on the road also means that we will miss the World Cup this weekend. Game times are so awkward here (5:30 am, 8 am and 12:30 pm) which during the weekdays I’ll be at work. Darn.

David Copperfield Show – Review

3 Jun 2010  4 Comments

This is the last of the shows I saw in Vegas I promise, its been hectic seeing 2 shows a day and just eating burgers :/

If you don’t know who David Copperfield is then to put it in a few word: “he is the best magician of our time” if you seen some of his previous work you would agree.

The show was filled with people fro china that where a part of a group that didn’t speak any english. As he brought people up the stage they couldn’t understand him and just stood there staring at him which made the show a little frustrating.

As fort the illusions there was some really cool ones that keeps you puzzled. but there was no “WOW” factor.

David’s show just couldn’t compare to what Vegas have to offer and is the lowest ranking show I’ve seen in this trip.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Cirque Du Soleil: KA – Review

2 Jun 2010  7 Comments

As part of my shows marathon in Vegas is another Cirque Du Soleil production. KA is one of the new shows in Vegas and considered relatively new, premiered in 2005, this had a better story line and better stunts in my opinion. The way the use the moving platforms is just amazing.

The show took $220+ million to produce and one of the best shows I’ve seen so far in Vegas. Its highly recommended.

Rating: ★★★★★ 


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