Not That Beautiful Weather

29 Apr 2010  4 Comments

As I mentioned in a previous post, the weather here in New Mexico WAS great as you can see from the picture above.

According to the latest weather report, next couple of days is not that beautiful. Its getting to -2 degrees, and I didn’t even bring winter clothes. Thanx Triple-A.
Got to get me some winter clothes.

Stilll Winter in NYC

27 Apr 2010  2 Comments

Its still winter in this part of the world, I arrived in New York yesterday and the temperature was 9 freakin’ degrees, and it was raining, wasn’t expecting that at all.
Today we arrived in New Mexico the weather is absolutely beautiful here, ,didn’t take pictures but will do tomorrow.

White Castle – New York City

21 Mar 2010  2 Comments

 White Castel NY

While looking through some old photos, I stumbled upon some pictures that I took in New York last year. They were of White Castle. The place was located on 8th Avenue. The burgers were nice and they serve the order very fast, I had 3 slyders and fries. I wanted to try out White Castel ever since I saw the movie Harold & Kumar Go To White Castel (IMDB). I really liked my experience there, The slyders where good and they came in nifty little square boxes. 

White Castel NY - Burger & Fries

They serve a verity of burgers not just one kind of slyder. nothing that great but they do serve chicken, fish alongside the traditional burger,cheeseburger and bacon.

I have to mention that White Castel is the inventor of the modern Slyders/sliders burgers (mini burgers).

Some Dubai Pictures

19 Mar 2010  8 Comments

During my last visit to Dubai I managed to take a few photos on the first day there. There where some clouds that made “Burj Khalifa” look amazing. I didn’t wander off taking pictures all around Dubai, no, I just strolled around my hotel which was located very nicely close to every thing.

Here are just some of those pics, will upload the rest to my Flickr account later.

All pictures where taken using my Sony A350. Click on images for a larger view.

DSC05160 The Address Downtown Dubai DSC05180 DSC05135DSC05146

Why is Flickr Blocked in The UAE

15 Mar 2010  2 Comments

Flickr Blocked

I got the image above when I tried to access flickr during my stay in Dubai. I have no idea why would flickr be blocked, it just makes no sense. I thought they just might be religiously strict so I tried to  access a gambling site, and I did.


And just to make sure that I didn’t just access a site that just wasn’t blocked, giving them the benefit of the doubt (even though that the word casino might have been on top of their list) I tried again, with the first Google result for the search “online gambling”.

Online Gambling

So if its not religious, what is it?

Ping Pong Dim Sum – Dubai

14 Mar 2010  1 Comment

Ping Pong Dim Sum Dubai Mall

We went to Ping Pong Dim Sum restaurant when we we here in Dubai, I never been there before but my wife have tried it in London. So I let her do the honors of ordering.

 More Dim Sum

We got several orders of fried and steamed food, ranging from vegetarian to shrimps and chicken. At first I thought that it would be a lot but after the food arrived I realized that I was mistaken.

Fried Dim Sum

Both fried and steamed Dim Sum were great, loved every order we had except for the “Wasabi Peanuts” (The only thing I ordered), those things where burning HOT!! and not in a good way.

We had a total of 7 orders I think, and that was not enough I still left there not full, I recommend having 4 of Dim Sum orders per person and you can share them around.

I really liked it and recommend it to anyone who likes dim sum and/or Chinese food.

Ping Pong is located at the lower ground level in Dubai Mall towards the fountains.

More Pictures after the break

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Back To FatBurger

12 Mar 2010  2 Comments


One of the things I look forward to when coming to Dubai is having a bite at FatBurger. I’ve been there before and I loved it. It’s tasty, fresh and light, I always end up ordering another one :)

Guess What…..!!?

10 Mar 2010  6 Comments

Dubai's Weather

The weather is not that great.

Getting Ready for Dubai

9 Mar 2010  3 Comments

The Address Dubai Mall

I will be off to Dubai in a few ours for business/pleasure combo. I hope the weather is better than here, its getting too hot.

I will be staying in “The Address” hotel, The one located in Dubai mall. It’s my first time in that hotel and I hope its good.

Child Directs Planes at JFK

4 Mar 2010  2 Comments

“JetBlue 171, contact departure,” the unidentified child told one flight.

“Over to departure, JetBlue 171, awesome job,” a pilot said in response. Then a man’s voice is heard: “That’s what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school.”

If i was flying an aircraft coming in or out of JFK and a child’s voice came over from the control tower,  i think i would be a little worried.

An air traffic controller at New York’s JFK airport has been suspended from work after allowing a child to direct flights in and out of one the world’s busiest airports.  The incident took place on February 17 and an investigation has been opened. The child is also recorded saying “Adios, Amigo” to a Mexican pilot leaving the airport.

Accidents can happen with traffic in the air by different planes, maintenance problems, weather etc….  and now children taking over air traffic control….



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