17 Feb 2010  1 Comment

Our friends over at the GulfRun blog have just posted a new video.

It took sometime but the video is finally put together, we had a little preview for our GulfRun Drivers and we liked the feed back. In January of 2010 over 50 Drivers took their machines to the limit at Bahrain International Circuit. Drag Race, Drifting, Inner Circuit, Autocross, and GP Circuit with amazing mix of machines from the compact car to the super car. The machines were exciting but the skills of the drivers was even more impressive, year on year this just keeps getting better.



GulfRun – The Finale

4 Feb 2010  8 Comments

The end has finally dawned, and GulfRun 5 at the Bahrain International Circuit was over. I think everyone who participated or went to the event enjoyed it, as there was all out safe action and surprises down the way.  Last night was the closing ceremony in Lenotre, and GulfRun with their sponsors, handed out the timings of all the drivers and events and their awards.

Quartermile Drag

For the Street Category :

1. BMW M5

2. Lexus ISF

3. Audi RS4

For the Super Category :

1. Porsche Turbo

2. Mitsubishi Evo-X

3. Honda S2000

For the Unlimited Category :

1. Porsche Turbo

2. Porsche Turbo 99

Continue below for all the times and more pictures.

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why is it so cold!?

Gulf Run 5: Day 3

31 Jan 2010  2 Comments

 Gulf Run 5 Day 3

Yesterday was the third and final day of the GulfRun. The whole day was drag racing only. The disappointing thing is that not all the cars participated in the event, but it was still a lot of un. Took some cool pictures.

M5 Drag

RS4 vs M3 

All good things must come to an end. Thank you GulfRun you were wonderful.

Gulf Run 5: Day 2

29 Jan 2010  4 Comments

Gulf Run Day 2

Today was a really good day, the weather was a bit hot but very pleasant in the shade. All drivers participated in the full track, and also we saw some compete in the drifting competition that somehow transformed into a doughnut competition.


I also got to jump in a BMW M5 (above) and a Caterham (below) and be driven around the track.

Westfield at GulfRun 5

Lamborghini doughnut  

Tomorrow, Day 3:

The drag race and the conclusion of the GulfRun 5 event. Practice should start by 9:30AM and then the elimination rounds. Should be fun.

will upload some videos shortly.

Thanks to both AAA Jr. and T.Pain for the rides.

Gulf Run 5: Day 1

28 Jan 2010  3 Comments

Gulf Run Day 1

Today was the first day in the Gulf Run 5 event, there was a very good turn up. we saw a lot of people that we knew there. we also saw a lot of bloggers.


We saw a lot of beautiful and exotic cars there as expected.


This was just the first day, and I took almost 400+ pictures, will filter and upload them when I get back.

Tomorrow: Day 2

All cars will have a go at the full track tomorrow. We might also see some drag racing too.

What Credit Crunch?

18 Jan 2010  6 Comments

Name : Dubai

Owner :  Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum

Length : 531 feet (162 meters)

Price : 300 millions dollars

Accommodation : 88 Cabins available for crew and total of 115 persons on board.

As you would expect from a modern mega yacht, in addition to the two large tenders, the Dubai also holds a wide variety of water sports equipment and toys, including a small submarine. In fact, the mega yacht Dubai has so many water toys, there are two rooms on the boat just for stowage, like giant toyboxes! But wait, there’s more! The yacht also has a squash room, spa, and is fitted out with the obligatory mega yacht helicopter pad.

This project was taken over by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid from the Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei in 2001. But Chelsea owner and oil magnate Roman Abramovich’s new mega yacht Eclipse, should be commissioned in 2010 at 533 feet, making it the biggest of them all.

pictures from yachtpals

Full link here.

AKA Hotel – Times Square

10 Jan 2010  10 Comments

After reading Mark’s post about wanting to go to New York and asking for a good place to stay, I noticed that I didn’t post much about anything other than Shake Shack when I was there.

AKA Hotel

So I’ll be doing some short posts about NY, first will be about the hotel I stayed in, AKA New York.

AKA Lobby

This is not a big hotel, as you can see from the photo above this is the lobby+ reception area. It looks cool but its also small. The hotel is located at 123 West 44th st.  which is very close to Times Square. In fact, it was a 1 minute walk to the middle of Times Square as you can see from the map below.

AKA Hotel Location

The room was amazing, it had a soft modern look to it, not too fancy but looked great. it also had a small kitchen and a huge refrigerator. And the price was excellent for something with that location and that spacious.

More after the break

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Airport Screening Procedures Leaked Online

9 Dec 2009  2 Comments

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stupidly posted online their 93 page brochure on airport screening criteria. It included lists of items that did not require screening, as well as stating that during peak times security is lessened.


The aforementioned passport-holders automatically targeted for secondary “selective” screening are, by the way, from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen or Algeria.

link The Gothamist

Two thumbs up, one to the TSA, and one to the Cuban with the massive moustache in the retro photo above.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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