Torrenting Made Easy: How To Automatically Download The Latest Episodes Of Your Favorite TV Shows

13 Jan 2010  19 Comments

ShowRSS  - Torrents

Since most people are downloading their TV shows from the net via torrents, I thought I might share this with you.

You can set up your torrent client to automatically download the latest episodes from a number of shows automatically without you doing anything.

this can be used on any operating system, you just need to have a RSS enabled torrent client.

Quick Guide after the break….

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iPhone Slingplayer Over 3G

17 May 2009  No Comments


It was one of the most anticipated applications for the iPhone. I was really looking forward to it.

I’ve been using Slingbox for almost 2 years now, and the Slingplayer software is available for almost every other phone.

The iPhone App was released 5 days ago, and man was it a disappointment. It was very laggy, video keeps buffering every 10-15 seconds and the most
frustrating shortcoming is, NO 3G SUPPORT.


But have no fear, the hacker community is here. if you have a jailbroken iPhone that is. Just download “Tricker Three 3G” from Cydia and thats it. It tricks Slingplayer, Skype and Fring and make them work on your edge/3g data connection.


As you can see from the picture above I’m connected via edge and still can stream video.

Now, if they only fix the other stuff.

Top 10 Most Useful Firefox Shortcuts

3 Mar 2008  No Comments


So after the Top 10 Firefox Add-ons, here is a list of very useful shortcuts that I think that you can’t live without:

1.) Ctrl+T (New tab)

2.) Ctrl+W (delete Tab)

3.) / (FAYT find as you type)

4.) Ctrl + (tab number)

5.) Alt+Tab (switch between tabs)

6.) Space Bar (Page Down)

7.) Ctrl+K (Cursor to search box)

8.) Ctrl+L (Cursor to address bar)

9.) SHIFT+CTRL+R (hard refresh from the server)

10.) Ctrl+Shift+T (Undo last closed tab)

Top 10 Firefox Add-ons

23 Feb 2008  1 Comment


As promised, here is my list of what I think is are the top 10 Firefox add-ons:

10.) Download Statusbar: View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar.

9.) Video Download Helper: Download videos and images from any site.

8.) Torbutton: Browse anonymously.

7.) FootieFox: A must for every football fan, get live scores almost instantly.

6.) Foxmarks: Backup and sync your all of your bookmarks.

5.) Flashgot: The only download manager that you’ll ever need.

4.) IE Tab: Opens a webpage using IE engine within Firefox.

3.) StumbleUpon: The best way to kill time.

2.) PicLens: A really cool way for browsing pictures.

1.) Morning Coffee: Keeps track of daily routine websites and opens them in tabs.


I might have forgotten some other cool stuff, please let me know in the comments.

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Planning On Building Your Own HTPC

6 Feb 2008  No Comments


The 1st thing to consider before building your Home Theatre PC is what kind of mother board are you looking for, I stumbled upon this article by Bit-Tech with several Mobos reviewed and with really good advices…..

via Bit-Tech

Build A Mac For a $350 – 100KD

4 Feb 2008  No Comments


Found an article that shows you how to build the cheapest hackintosh and how to set it up.



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