Boston Legal – Review

8 Aug 2009  No Comments

boston legal.jpg

After being in bed for 2 days, and having a ton of TV shows to be up-to-date with. I decided to put my back into it and finish the rest of “Boston Legal”.

William Shatner (Denny Crane) and James Spader (Alan Shore) are the dynamic duo in the US legal system, well, Denny has Mad Cow/Alzheimer and always doing stupid stuff and Alan, being his best friend, always got his back. I really liked how they take a real problem and twist it into a hilarious case.

Too bad it’s only 5 seasons, This may well be the funniest show I’ve watched. And you don’t need a sick sense of humor to enjoy it.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½ 

Who’s that Bad-ass Chuck?

6 Aug 2009  12 Comments


Who is Chuck Norris? And how did he split that rock in two?

Chuck Norris is most famous for his program Walker, Texas Ranger. But to most others he is more famous for his trophy moustache and beard. Martial Arts, politics, and acting, Chuck does it all.

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Eastbound & Down

2 Aug 2009  No Comments


I went to sleep at around 4:30am this Thursday night at a friends chalet, to wake up to the loudest laughter. After checking my phone, I realized it was only 9:30am! I tried to force myself to sleep but the laughing was way to loud and I got curious to see what was so funny. My friend was laughing his ass off at an episode of Eastbound & Down, produced by (with appearances) Will Ferrell and starring Danny McBride as Kenny Powers, a former MLB star pitcher who is passed his best but still in denial and unable to cope with his current life.  The first season consists of 6 episodes and they are all funny as hell! If you enjoyed movies like Old School, Supertroopers, Pineapple Express, Hangover, etc., you will love this.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½ 

*Disclaimer*  This extremely high rating does NOT mean it will appeal to everyone, you need to have a sick sense of humor…. and I do.

Top TV Shows of 2009

9 Jun 2009  No Comments

I wrote a while ago about looking for TV shows, old and new.
So this post is about new TV series that I might look at.

The shows are in now particular order.

Soon/Currently Airing:

Royal Pains:

Royal Pains.jpg

A down and out surgeon has a chance to redeem himself as a small town physician in the wealthy beach community of East Hampton, NY.

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Conan The Mario

7 Jun 2009  No Comments

Conan SMBG.gif

A few days ago I came across the image above, it was all over the net. The Mario image is edited, its a bunch of screen-grabs put together to fill the shapes of the background. But since it was Conan’s first week, it made some news.

But on Friday’s show Conan acknoledged his SUper Mario background, Making all the internet geeks happy.

Top Gear Celebrity Track Times

1 Jun 2009  2 Comments

Top Gear Show.jpg

We all know that Simon Cowell is the fastest celebrity on Top Gear, but recently have been knocked by Jay Kay. but what about the others?

This list shows the celebrities, track time, car and video of their lap.


The Hunt For New TV Shows

29 May 2009  3 Comments

House M.D..jpg

In the last 6-8 weeks, more than 6 shows stop airing on TV either because it was canceled, completed or just because the season ended.

And because I was almost up-to-date with most of the show. I am now without any good shows to watch. So I’m on the hunt for new TV shows or shows I haven’t seen. Going to post about what I find out later.

P.S. The House M.D. finale was great.

Fox Cancels Terminator: TSCC Show

20 May 2009  No Comments

Terminator TSCC.jpg

Fox announced that the Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles TV show is no more.

Damn, I really liked the show. It really got interesting at the end of the second season. I do recommend watching it, especially for Terminator fans.

Oh well, off to something else.


Prison Break – TV Series

16 May 2009  No Comments

Prison Break.jpg

Well, just saw the finale of Prison Break. It was a good ending for the 4 season TV series.

There was a lot going on in the final season that could easily fit in 2 seasons, but it was good overall.

Series Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆ 


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