So I’ve Got A New iPhone, Now What?

28 Sep 2010  5 Comments

I’ve had the iPhone 4 for almost 2 months now and as I’ve previously mentioned the my biggest complaint by far is the battery life. So here is a list of Apps I’ve put together that should help every new iPhone user. Continue Reading

How To Eat A Watermelon – Petey Greene Style

22 Sep 2010  No Comments

After the how to peel a banana and how to seed a pomegranate videos. My boy Petey Greene shows us hot to eat a watermelon.

Hey Dad, Catch!

22 Aug 2010  2 Comments

This guy pranks his dad by throwing his dads macbook out of his reach. His dad’s reactions is brilliant.

She’s Out of My League – Movie Review

16 Aug 2010  4 Comments

I heard much about the movie being great and all so I was pretty confidant the it would be a very good movie. I didn’t recognize any of the actors but the plot was good a had decent jokes. Much better than other things I’ve seen recently.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Egyptian Elections

12 Aug 2010  4 Comments

The hardest decision of Paul the Octopus’s career.

The “Heat” is On

10 Jul 2010  4 Comments

It looks like Miami Heat are going to have the best team next season. With Lebron James being the last of the trio to sign (Wade and Bosh signed a few days earlier) they now have arguably the best 3 player in the game in one team. The problem now is that Miami doesn’t have the cash to spend to continue building the team as they reached their cap with those 3 signings. Its going to be an interesting season.

Nexus One: The Story

9 Feb 2010  6 Comments

Google posted these videos on YouTube as part of an advertising campaign for the Nexus One. They talk about concept, design, 3D specs, testing, manufacturing and an overall usage video.


Check out the Nexus one Channel here, more videos to be added.

Rest of the videos after the break.

Continue Reading

GulfRun Car Wash@Al-Falah

3 Feb 2010  3 Comments

Getting all the vehicles ready for the Car Show and Track takes a lot of work. Luckily we have the support of Al Falah Car Wash, so we take over their lot, detail all the vehicles and get them ready for branding. Originally when this started it took about an hour and 30 minutes to get each car ready but as we had a few practice days we got it down to 15 to 20 minutes per vehicle to have it fully branded with all the different logos from Wataniya Telecom, Agility, Consolidated Contractors Company, Dent Xpress, Wataniya Airways, Al Sawan Travel, Credit One, and Slider Station. This time around we went the more difficult route with the branding and did a great job, some of those machines looked really good. Credit for this very good video goes to NegativEffects for the video.

Taken from our friends at Gulfrun.

Bader Al-Mutawa vs. Arka Gdynia

1 Feb 2010  2 Comments

It seems Bader Al-Mutawa keeps impressing people at Malaga FC, the latest reports say that he did very well against the Arka Gdynia a Polish team in a friendly a few days ago. The only problem is that Malaga FC already has 3 non EU players, which is the maximum a team can sign. But its highly likely that he will be signed during summer if he continues to impress.


Happy New Year!

1 Jan 2010  4 Comments

Happy New Year and wishing everyone a successful 2010.

Picture is in Hong Kong on New Years.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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