The English Premier League Kicks Off Today. Here is A Look At Last Season’s Best Moments

18 Aug 2012  No Comments

Last season was one of the best seasons in the Barclays Premier League history with the title winner being decided in the dying seconds of the Man City and QPR match.

Those last minutes are engraved into every football fan’s memory and I don’t think it will be forgotten any time soon.

Here is a video with commentator Martin Tyler during the Aguero’s title wining goal.

Here is a side by side of the two matches

Can’t wait for this season to start.

Meanwhile in Russia

14 Aug 2012  1 Comment

He’s having the time of his life.

Batman’s Bat Pod In Real Life

13 Aug 2012  3 Comments

So this is what Batman would look like if he took his Bat Pod for a spin?

26 Great Olympics Ads

13 Aug 2012  No Comments

With the London 2012 Summer Olympics coming to a close. I put together some of the best Olympic themed ads I came across.

To us, they’re Olympians. But to their moms, they’ll always be kids

The surprise of a lifetime

Best job in the world

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Everything is A Remix

12 Aug 2012  No Comments

Nothing is original and everything is a remix. This might be a little over simplified but I can completely see what’s he getting at.

Kirby Ferguson, the creator of Everything is a Remix explains his point a view in a TED Talk and even shows us how music, movies and even software patents are remixed from previous work/ideas.

To watch all 4 parts of Everything is a Remix click here

Is This Considered As Playing With Your Food?

6 Aug 2012  No Comments

I think it’s a good idea to have turkeys instead of people as audience in sitcoms.

Takeo Ischi: The Japanese Yodelmeister

23 Jul 2012  2 Comments

A Japanese-German techno-yodeling…..with chickens.

Takeo Ischi is a Japanese engineer who taught himself to yodel, went to Europe, sang in a few clubs, and became a hit. He studied under Franz Lang (this man can yodel)

He settled down in Bavaria, married a German woman, had four sons, and has had a career as a German folk musician that’s lasted about 30 years.

Man of Steel – Trailer

22 Jul 2012  1 Comment

Another reboot for the Superman franchise movies produced by Christopher Nolan (the director of The Dark Knight trilogy). Release summer 2013.


19 Jul 2012  1 Comment


I received a link mentioning the Roudan Tournament’s new ad where it featured Luis Figo and Jassim Yaqoub but didn’t get around to watching till now. It was pointed out to me that this ad is a carbon copy of a previous Reebok ad between Thierry Henry and Rayan Giggs released in 2009.

This is certainly not the first ad, lets say, it’s general idea is based on a previous ad. and certainly won’t be the last.

“Trying” To Unbox The Nexus 7

17 Jul 2012  3 Comments

It looks like unboxing the Nexus 7 is not easy if you are not well prepared and equipped. This video is a compilation of 15 different unboxing videos. Some are tech journalists.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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