Best Commercials On TV II

30 Jun 2009  No Comments

Another round of cool ads.


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Filipino Prisoners Tribute Michael Jackson

28 Jun 2009  No Comments

The Filipino prisoners are back with a tribute to MJ.

The First Person Shooter Disease

27 Jun 2009  No Comments

More gaming stuff.

Google With Bing

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Michael Jackson Tribute

26 Jun 2009  1 Comment

With every body posting tributes to MJ, I thought this would be a bit different.

Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) is one of those things that I follow, it reminds me of the good (and bad) old days.

A review of Moonwalker on the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) by AVGN.

*Explicit Language*

Cat’s On Drugs

26 Jun 2009  No Comments

A plant that make cats high. Really funny.

Lufthansa Realtime Air Traffic Control System

25 Jun 2009  No Comments

From The Discerption:

In the flight control tower of the Lufthansa Brand Academy Frankfurt-Seeheim visitors learn about the local and global connections of international air traffic. A 14 meter wide 180 degrees projection let´s the visitors dive into the fully navigable, realtime 3D visualization of 16000 daily Lufthansa and Star Alliance flights. The intuitive navigation interface provides 6 degrees of freedom. Additional time and content filters can be activated with extra buttons and sliders. In just a few seconds of flight the user can move from a macro view of a local hub to a global overview of the worldwide air traffic routes.

16000? thats a a lot of flights.

Some People Are Just Stupid VIII

24 Jun 2009  No Comments

OK, That was very idiotic.

Letterman Interviews Paris Hilton

23 Jun 2009  No Comments

David Letterman interviewing Paris Hilton. Well, it’s not exactly an interview he’s making fun of here all through the interview. Very funny.

Can You Hear Me Steve?

23 Jun 2009  No Comments

A really cool (and old) video showing a guy passing out 3 times during 3 maneuvers on board a Blue Angels F/A-18

The most they pull is 7.5 G’s and is during the second maneuver which is quite a lot, I know pilots who pass out with 4 G’s.

The Blue Angels pilot in this video is Lt Commander Kevin Davis, who died during an airshow in 2007, he was pulling just below 7 G’s and went into G-Loc.



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