2011 Was…..

15 Dec 2011  No Comments

How the world searched in 2011?

We made it.

David Villa Breaks His Leg vs Al-Sadd (Video)

15 Dec 2011  3 Comments

Barcelona sticker David Villa broke his leg earlier today in his team 4-0 win over Qatari side Al-Sadd. Early report suggest that he might be out for 6 months.

Awesome Matt Damon

15 Dec 2011  1 Comment

Matt David. LOL

Daytime Fireworks

14 Dec 2011  No Comments

A few days ago in Doha,Qatar. A great daytime fireworks show took place by the Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. Simply beautiful.

At the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar this week, Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang put on his largest “explosion event” of the last three years, utilizing microchip-controlled explosives to form incredible designs and patterns. The video we’ve embedded of the event is an impressive testament to how a volatile black powder explosion can be controlled and shaped by computer.

Each set of explosions was calculated to paint a different picture. One series of explosions created black smoke clouds that looked like “drops of ink splattered across the sky.”

In another, 8,300 shells embedded with computer microchips exploded in a pyramid shape over the desert.

Jimmy Kimmel vs Kids Take 2: I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present

14 Dec 2011  2 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel did a great segmant  a few weeks back when he told parents to film their kids telling them that they ate all their halloween candy. This time he asks parents to bring a stupid gift and film them opening it. It was awesome. [Youtube]

Halloween Video:


The Gaming Lizard

14 Dec 2011  No Comments

Its just a bearded dragon relaxing and playing some games on its android phone.

Men in Black 3 Trailer

12 Dec 2011  No Comments

Will Smith and “young” Tommy Lee Jones are back. The movie is scheduled to be released in end of may2012.

“Are You Serious? We Are Not Struggling”

8 Dec 2011  3 Comments

Manchester United bowed out of the Champion’s League competition a little early this year after their 2-1 defeat to Basel yesterday.

The video above is from the post-match press conference after Sir Alex’s side drew 2-2 with Benfica. The interviewer asks him a question about the best teams in the premier league and why they are “struggling” in Europe. Ferguson after telling him to repeat the question, chuckles and responds with “are you serious?” and then says ” we are not struggling” and then just walks out of the interview.

But what you didn’t know, Sir Alex, the interviewer asked -what now seems- an absolutely legit question.

This is Art

6 Dec 2011  3 Comments

This video shows Miguel Endara while making a portrait of his father titled “Hero” composed entirely out of ink dots. 3.2 million in total to be exact.

My only question is, how did he count them.


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