Google Drive

25 Apr 2012  1 Comment

The long rumored “G-Drive” has been eluding us for a few years now but it is finally here. Google is going head-to-head with Dropbox with its Google Drive and here are some of the advantages of using Google’s solution:

  • Paid plans are cheaper
  • Offers more free space 5GB  (unless you have Dropbox referrals)
  • Images and videos uploaded through Google+ do not count against your available space (restrictions apply)
  • Document collaboration ala Google Docs
  • Supports online viewing for "over 30 file types" including Photoshop, illustrator and HD Video (not sure how the support stacks up to Dropbox)
  • Sync appears to be much faster than Dropbox
  • Space also applies to other Google products: Gmail & Picasa
  • Shared files give you a commenting and chat interface – which is actually more useful than it sounds
  • If you happen to be grandfathered into a Google storage plan the prices are DIRT CHEAP.
  • Improved search over Dropbox – including OCR recognition of PDFs, etc. This is really nice for eBooks.
  • Files can be kept forever even if you stop paying. Stop paying and your files over the free storage limit will remain with read-only access as long as you want them. You could consider it pay once forever hosting.
  • File-level app permissions. Apps don’t need access to your entire Dropbox, you can grant them access to a single file.

The service is still not available for everyone, it is slowly rolling out..

Google Drive

Google Launches Google Play

7 Mar 2012  1 Comment

Google Play

Google launched their one-stop shop entertainment store yesterday. It is basically a rebranded Android Market with extra features. You can purchase Android apps, movies, music, and books.

of course Google is still not showing love for us here in Kuwait as we can only access the app store officially.

Google Play


Trying to Watch Chelsea vs Man U game Online, Didn’t Go Very Well

6 Feb 2012  No Comments


I was trying to watch yesterdays English Premier League game between Chelsea and Manchester United online via Abu Dhabi’s online offering. Its much more convenient and I wanted to get some things done during the game rather than  just focus what I thought would be a boring clash (boy was I wrong). Plus, I paid almost 20KD for it I might as well use it.

The problem was the service I paid for just didn’t want to work. I stared at the black box for a solid 3-5 minutes before giving up and switching the TV on. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, it mostly happens during important/big games. It looks like that their servers cant handle the bandwidth required.

I kept the browser pointed at the games stream webpage and it started 8 minutes into the game but that wasn’t the end of it. The game didn’t run smoothly at all and was really stuttery throughout. It played for 15-20 seconds and then hangs for another 20-30 seconds. That wasn’t a fun experience.

The free streaming video that I got from a Russian website on the other hand played without a hitch. Which makes things even more frustrating.

This is going to be the final year I subscribe to the online portion of the EPL via Abu Dhabi. I had the same problem last year but was optimistic and thought they must have fixed what was broken.

Slice – Track All of Your Purchases in One Place

11 Dec 2011  No Comments


If you are one that does a lot of online purchases from a number of retailers, you know that its hard to keep track of all of those receipts and orders.

A cool new website is Slice. What it does is simple but clever, it scans your e-mail for receipts and slowly starts building up your online purchase history. It also has very good search features and filters that helps when looking at your orders. You can also track your shipments directly from the website.

There is also an iPhone app available for free.


AlJazeera Sport Online Streaming

5 Dec 2011  No Comments

JazeeraSport Online Streaming

It seems that everybody is joining the online streaming party. After Abu Dhabi Sport made all of the Barclays Premier League matches available online from the beginning of last season, Aljazeera Sport has now the ability to stream all of its 12 channels online.


Not all of the content is available though. As when I was trying to watch last weekends FA Cup matches, I kept getting an error. I hope this gets sorted out and they get the licences for streaming all of their sporting events.

Jazeera Sport Error

Access is currently free. It was implied that it will be free during November only but it is still free as far as I can tell. There is also an iPad app that make up for iOS’s lack of flash support. But I was able to use AirPlay to watch the game on my TV.

AljazeeraSport Airplay

Al-JazeeraSport TV

Finally, A Proper Twitter App Update for The iOS

17 Nov 2010  No Comments

It seems that the latest official Twitter app update brings the long awaited push notifications to the iOS app. The just released update now let’s you to be notified via push notifications whenever you get mentioned or when you get a direct message. No need to keep jumping into the app and refreshing or using a 3rd party app just for the notifications.

Blink Online Store

20 Sep 2010  No Comments

Just read this on ilSul6ana’s blog. I know Blink isn’t the first electronic online store in Kuwait but what made me post about it is their website interface is just too familiar.

I was in there store last month when I had my PC problem and saw -in my opinion- the best PC case ever created. The problem was it was the last piece and all scratched up. Also it costs 210KD :s


Abu Dhabi Premier League Online

17 Aug 2010  7 Comments

I subscribed to Abu Dhabi’s online subscription since I didn’t want to put another receiver under my TV and it not as convenient as having a card that you can take with you anywhere. And because I spend most of my tie on my laptop or PC it was a no brainer.

I used the website on many occasions. I subscribed saturday before the games but the account activated the next day (or late in the evening the same day not sure) and managed to watch the extra-long highlights of the yesterdays matches which were 45 mins long so you don’t miss a thing.

As for live viewing I watched Chelsea vs West Brom, Liverpool vs Arsenal and Man U vs New Castle all were great. And if you have a the bandwidth for it the quality automatically adjust (ala Netflix) to some very nice looking video.

Whats missing though is the short highlights that has just the goals, they might be there but I haven’t looked thoroughly enough and the ability to change the commentator language, from what I can see at the moment there is no why to do that at the moment.

Abu Dhabi online subscription is highly recommended even if you already have bought the receiver due to its shear and utter awesomeness

Youtube Video Upload Limit Increased To 15 Minutes

30 Jul 2010  1 Comment

Youtube increased the video uploading length limit by 50% yesterday bringing it to a total length of the uploaded video to 15 minutes. I still haven’t found a reason that I would need more than a couple of minutes but I’ll never say no to anyone who is giving me more.


18 May 2010  2 Comments

Karkoosha (Kar-koo-sha) noun: An Arabic word for a tassel.

After two years of different business ideas, came to life. A unique online experience; is an online exhibition providing virtual space for exhibitors from all over the world. It is set up into boutiques with different time frames, depending on the exhibitor’s package. Each boutique has its own culture, history, inspirations, trendiness, art, heritage, and popularity. You can find designers that you have already heard about, or new designers that have just opened their doors to show off their unique talents. This experience not only includes fashion; it includes anything you can imagine!

Exhibitions are held on a 2-week to 1-year basis. The services provided to our clients is a process that takes over the displaying, selling, marketing, packaging, and delivery tasks of the exhibitor. All the exhibitor has to do is register online or email us at We then contact the exhibitor, arrange a meeting, approve their products, create a photo- shoot of the items, display them on the exhibitors exclusive boutique, sell them to the client, pack the items in our elegant packaging, and finally deliver to the client’s house anywhere in the world as soon as possible.

Since KARKOOSHA will be launching soon, this is what we have to offer to your readers and our interested exhibitors:
Are you a fashion designer, artist, furniture designer, entrepreneur, or publisher?

Do you want to have a boutique online without having to worry about employees, photographers, website designers, marketing, packaging, deliveries, etc.? is your destination!

KARKOOSHA is an online exhibition providing virtual space for exhibitors from all over the world. It is set up into boutiques; each exhibitor has his/ her own boutique with the time frame they request.

We will be launching the website end of May. If you would like to have your own boutique on, all you have to do is email us a description of your products at We will then take a photo-shoot of the items and create your own boutique. We also take care of marketing, managing sales, packaging, and delivery to the client anywhere in the world as soon as possible.

Life is so much easier with KARKOOSHA!

* First 10 exhibitors will get two additional weeks!


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