Reminder: E3 Starts in A Few Hours [UPDATED]

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E3 will kickoff in a few hours, starting with Microsoft’s Press Conference at 10:30AM local (8:30pm Kuwait Time).

And the followed by Nintendo’s press conference tomorrow at 9AM local (7pm K time) and the final big press conference will be Sony’s at 11AM (9pm K time) on Tuesday.

You can watch these press conferences at Gamespot.

UPDATE: I’m having problems with Gamespot, but IGN work just fine

More info at E3insider Tells You To Stick Around or Go Home When A Movie Ends

30 May 2009  No Comments


After writing about RunPee, This website goes nicely with it.

MovieStinger has data from users telling you if there is anything during or after credits, and its specific like telling you if its deleted scenes or a alternate ending and such. Tells You When is The Best Time To Pee During A Movie

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Runpee.jpg is a very useful website if you have a bladder problem and really don’t want to keep asking what happened when you come back from the bathroom.

The bathroom breaks are during the dullest moments of the movie and if you run late, it even tells you what will happen next via an encrypted text.


Make Your Own Ringtone

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It does just that, very easy to use and fool-proof


The steps are:

  • Press Upload, choose mp3, wma or ogg audio file and press Open.
  • Place the markers to set range and clip duration.
  • Press Selected to listen to your clip.
  • Change the default sound quality if you want.
  • Choose and set the filters if you want.
  • Press Make a Ringtone to convert mp3 to a ringtone.


Do You Think Your Tough?

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If you think you are, then go to this website and take a short questionnaire that will calculate – according to your answers – how many 5 year olds you can take on.

The question about whether or not you are morally comfortable to use a child as a weapon made me laugh.

I scored 23


MacRumors’ live Macworld 2009 feed hacked

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Macrumors live coverage of the macworld expo earlier today got hacked, and there were some funny posts.

Click image to enlarge or HERE for complete thread


Zero Punctuation, Funniest Game Reviews…Ever!!

21 Feb 2008  877 Comments


Ok it might not be a real review, but this will be the best 5 minutes of your week, I came across Ben Croshaw a few months ago and I was Hooked instantly. This is nothing like a Gametrailers or ign reviews but he speaks his mind and the inconvenient truth. I’ll be posting the videos every week as they become available from now on.

Check out the latest video about GDC 2008 (Game Developers Conference 2008) after the break.

Continue Reading – youtube with a twist

15 Feb 2008  No Comments

Its a very cool website that is very useful I think, you can accesses all of Youtube videos but you can also download any video in a variety of formats. And it has a sleek interface. The down side is you loose the social part of Youtube, you know the comments channels and the communities.


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