Kinder Surprise is Banned in The U.S.

3 Nov 2011  1 Comment

I had no idea that our beloved Kinder Surprise that recently went through a makeover is prohibited in the U.S. because it has an inedible object inside it. Even having one while entering the country might result in a $300 fine.

Since 1991, at least 7 children worldwide have died of choking after swallowing the toy inside the Kinder egg.


The Watermelon Car

3 Sep 2010  4 Comments

Talk about being creative, but this is taking your love for fruit a bit too far. The watermelon car looks….. weird with the red interior.

Click on the image for more.

Bolivian Presidential Banquet in Iran

18 May 2010  1 Comment

When Bolivia’s highest dignitary visited Iran he probably wasn’t quite expecting the feast that awaited him. I leave you with the pictures below.

style وحشتني، صعيدي

10 May 2010  1 Comment

At 1:29 in the below video you can see why they are having so much fun, rolling a couple of fat ones.

A failed attempt at freestyle.

Child Directs Planes at JFK

4 Mar 2010  2 Comments

“JetBlue 171, contact departure,” the unidentified child told one flight.

“Over to departure, JetBlue 171, awesome job,” a pilot said in response. Then a man’s voice is heard: “That’s what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school.”

If i was flying an aircraft coming in or out of JFK and a child’s voice came over from the control tower,  i think i would be a little worried.

An air traffic controller at New York’s JFK airport has been suspended from work after allowing a child to direct flights in and out of one the world’s busiest airports.  The incident took place on February 17 and an investigation has been opened. The child is also recorded saying “Adios, Amigo” to a Mexican pilot leaving the airport.

Accidents can happen with traffic in the air by different planes, maintenance problems, weather etc….  and now children taking over air traffic control….


Mini-stree of Elektrisity and Wadder

23 Feb 2010  3 Comments

Tha emijj bell-o iz frum tha Mini-stree of Elektrisity and Wadder, I sheet u knot. Four tha cumpleet syte, klik tha lingk bell-o.


George “Dublya” Bush

27 Jan 2010  5 Comments

I can never get enough of George W. Bush videos. How he became president of the USA we will never know, how he got re-elected is even a bigger mystery!

All “White” Basketball League!

26 Jan 2010  1 Comment

“only players that are natural-born United State citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league.”

“Would you want to go to the game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch?”

The above statements  are a couple of the ridiculous comments Don “Moose” Lewis, a former wrestling promoter, has been quoting as saying when marketing his new league. He refers to how “color” has made it more of “street ball” and that basketball leagues (NBA) have lost their fundamentals.


No more superstars and hall of famers like the above then?


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