So, Avatar Its Not Entirely Fiction!!

21 Feb 2010  6 Comments

We all saw the movie Avatar right, we all saw the wonderful world of Pandora and its beautiful colors, inhabitants and creatures that it took James Cameroon 15 years to make. Well not everything in the movie is fictional, as you can see from the pictures below.

Avatar Flying Dragon

The picture above is of the flying Toruks from the movie Avatar and the picture below is from Indonesia.

Real life flying dragon

30,000 European Bees Vs. 30 Japanese Hornets

25 Jan 2010  3 Comments

“Its not even a battle, its a massacre.”

30 Japanese hornets take out an entire colony of European bees. yes the 30 won against the 30,000. it kind of reminds me of the movie 300, but the deference is here the hornets are on the offensive, so they are more badass.

Damn nature you scary.

Operation Turtles and the 15 Year Sentence

8 Nov 2009  3 Comments

In cooperation with the Kuwait Environmental Protection Society, members of the Japanese Society in Kuwait and other volunteers yesterday morning participated in an annual beach cleaning operation, entitled ‘Operation Turtles’ at Shuwaikh Beach Park.


link Kuwait Times

In other news, a Kuwaiti owner of a Cafe’ in Florida who is also a PhD student, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for allegedly serving alcohol to a minor and harassing another. He has already been assigned a lawyer from the Kuwaiti Embassy and his brother, who also lives with him, has hired an additional lawyer to help him with an out of court settlement. Until now, the families are not willing to negotiate any terms. 


link Gulf News

Random fact of the day : the expatriate community in Kuwait forms 68% of the total population, the majority of whom are Asian.

99 Things You Should Have Experienced…..

28 Oct 2009  2 Comments

…on the internet by Greg Rutter. I dont know who Greg Rutter is.

I didnt see them all but you will find some classics such as the battle of krueger, human beatbox, thriller remake and evolution of dance.

UPDATE : Sorry it seems i didnt put the link! Here it is. LINK

Tiger Tamer to Kuwaiti Paedophile

18 Oct 2009  2 Comments

I was searching for a story i saw in an email about a Kuwaiti man who captured a tiger which was drawn to his herds of sheep while in Saudi Arabia, but stumbled upon this instead. A Kuwaiti man caught in the beginning of the year in Pattaya,Thailand for forcing an underage boy into performing some unimaginable acts. How low can people stoop?


To read what this low life was caught doing click the source below.



I am still trying to find the Tiger Taming Kuwaiti, anyone seen it?

UFO’s Over Moscow

14 Oct 2009  2 Comments

 Independence Day and District 9 come to mind when you see this image. Is it a real UFO? This “halo” appeared over Moscow on Wedensday, at first many thought it was a digitally altered image, but meteorlogists confirmed it was not. It turned out to be a cloud formation even though it looked perfectly shaped. Check out the video below. link

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Crocodile vs Dog

13 Sep 2009  3 Comments

This is cruel, but really funny. No disrespect to any animal lovers out there. We are against animal cruelty.

The Real Ninja Turtle

12 Aug 2009  2 Comments

That is by far the most badass turtle that ever lived.


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