Killer Lizard Attacks News Reporter

3 Jul 2009  No Comments

A TV presenter almost had a seizer after a lizard jumped on him, the really funny thing is that the whole studio couldn’t help themselves and started laughing on live TV.

This is How You Fish

30 Jun 2009  No Comments

This is just nuts.

It looked like a fake, but then I saw this

That’s One Badass Cat

30 Jun 2009  No Comments

From the video description:

My friends cat jumps straight up and juggles a bat to the ground. It ate every little piece of it.

Image Of The Day

28 Jun 2009  No Comments

Image of the day.jpg

Cat’s On Drugs

26 Jun 2009  No Comments

A plant that make cats high. Really funny.

His Kung Fu is Strong

11 Jun 2009  No Comments

He looks serious.


Thats Some Catch

3 Jun 2009  2 Comments

Hammerhead II.jpg

Just got this by email, This old man seems to have caught a Hammerhead Shark using that boat with no other tools visible. I’m no fishing expert by a long shot, but how the hell did he get it in the boat? any thoughts bo Faisal?

Check out the gallery for more pics.

Thanks Nasser

The Happy Faced Spider

14 May 2009  No Comments

The Spider That will make you smile.

Happy Faced Spider.jpg

The LOL spider

That’s One Smart Birdie

8 Feb 2009  No Comments

This video shows a bird that uses the human concept of fishing. It’s pretty cool.


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