New Fad : Micro Pigs

11 Oct 2009  2 Comments

You might have noticed these in the local papers last week.  Yes, they are bred as pets.


With all the fuss and dangers of H1N1 swine flu, you wouldnt expect people to be paying up to  700 British Pounds for a pig. These micro pigs,  grow to be about 12-16 inches tall and between 40-65 pounds in weight. With a life span of up to 18 years, even celebrity actors have been snapping them up (Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint is one of them).  They are being marketed as the perfect, low maintennance pets. I will pass on this one.


Lost Pet

8 Oct 2009  1 Comment


Truth or Myth?

24 Sep 2009  4 Comments


A beer flood in 1814 killed nine people. Continue reading to find out if this and other myths are true or fabrication. Continue Reading

Monkeyman > Spiderman

19 Sep 2009  8 Comments

I think he deserves his own superhero costume and Hollywood blockbuster. i had the urge to tag this as “wildlife” because i have never seen anything like it.

KSA vs Bahrain (team-mate got back)

18 Sep 2009  1 Comment

Sirmaxalot introduced the world to baby got back. KSA’s football team introduced their team-mate with “back” to the world.


This photo was taken prior to the record making game in which Bahrain tied with KSA; and are needing only 1 more win against New Zealand to qualify for the World Cup. It seems most of the KSA players had their minds (and eyes) on something (or someone) else throughout the game.

Shower with Swine

18 Sep 2009  3 Comments

Made to both look and smell like frying bacon, this soap will get you clean while giving your appetite a jump-start on the day


The weirdest soap i had ever seen before this was Caffeine soap. But for $6 your swine dreams can come true with this bar of bacon soap. If you really want it, you can get it from Uncrate here.

Whats next, lip balm? No, thats already available. Bacon Lip Balm can also be found here.

Thank You Little F****r!

17 Sep 2009  9 Comments

That was the last item on the check of a family with their 2 year-old daughter, dining in the newly opened Cactus Joe’s  in  Halifax. It seems the daughter was hungry and getting restless at the slow service, so the waiter’s decided to give them a surprise on the bill.


They even managed to misspell little to “littell”.


Travis Pastrana & MTV’s Nitro Circus

15 Sep 2009  5 Comments

A spin-off from Jackass, Nitro Circus is based around Travis Pastrana, who is an X-games legend. Created partly by Johnny Knoxville, and into the second season of his show, this is a video of Travis jumping out of a plane with no parachute and just a can of RedBull and shorts.

He says, “I hope this stuff works” after his sip of Redbull and jumps out of the plane.

Random Information of the Day : Remember Rodney King back in 1991 getting assaulted by 2 white cops? “Seventeen years, a criminal trial and a $3m legal settlement later, King has put himself back in harm’s way, agreeing to go toe-to-toe with a notoriously aggressive cop through the colourful medium of celebrity boxing.”


Lawyer Selection

15 Sep 2009  2 Comments

To win the case. Thats the one attribute you look for when deciding on hiring a lawyer. I’m sure  “Sue Yoo” has a head start on alot of other lawyers!


Is Kanye West an Idiot?

14 Sep 2009  11 Comments

I was never really into watching the Oscars or MTV music awards, but today, all over the news i was reading about Kanye West being booed for a stunt he pulled off. So i dug deeper…


Basically, he ran onto stage while Taylor Swift was accepting her speech for best female video. He stole the microphone from her (seen above), and went on to tell the whole world how Beyonce should have won for “the best video in the world, All the Single Ladies”. Fairly enough, Beyonce was kind enough when she won an award, to invite Taylor back on stage to continue her acceptance speech.

He later apologized to Taylor and her mom via his blog, Classy guy this Kanye.

Kanye’s little rant stole the show from a tribute to Michael Jackson performed by sister Janet and Madonna, a comeback win for Britney Spears, and a first win for Lady Gaga in her bloody costume. Good job Kanye, you’re officially an idiot.


UPDATE : The picture below is of Kanye West and a very classy looking Amber Rose before the awards. It seems he was having a little “sippy sippy” before the MTV awards.


UPDATE 2 : Obama gets in on the act and calls Kanye a Jackass.


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