Swine Flu (H1N1) Or Money Flow !

10 Aug 2009  10 Comments

With all the hype that came with the swine flu pandemic and the built up propaganda of a new deadly virus that could kill millions, and already scared billions. I came across this article that raised some eyebrows, dropped some jaws, and sounded a loud & clear WTF !


In general, the article points out that Baxter pharmaceutical Inc. have filed a patent for the H1N1 virus and its strains 2 years before the pandemic, also the company has a factory in Mexico 50 miles from the virus outbreak location. Now the company have stopped taking orders for the vaccine as they will not be able to fulfill them all.

Though all the facts mentioned can be nothing but a coincidence, the timing was just perfect after the economical recession !

62 Year Old Monster – UPDATE

8 Aug 2009  17 Comments


After the Cream of the Fight post a while back and the earlier post of Mr Kitco, i remembered a conversation i had with my brother about how for a 60 year old sylvester stallone was in the shape of his life. He pointed out to me though that in the last Rambo he never took his shirt off, and in Rocky during the boxing scene he did take his shirt off but pulled his trunks way up. Maybe he was hiding a beer belly and just worked on the other more obvious parts of his body? Wrong! Continue Reading

Yarmouk what?!!

5 Aug 2009  9 Comments


Yesterday I was reading the newspaper (It’s been a while) starting with the sports section (obviously :)) and I came across this which made me throw it away … the question is: why in hell didn’t anyone notice it?? The coach (he’s Czech, maybe that’s why) … the team (yeah right) …. the newspaper that decided to go with this picture!!! You judge. [Al-Watan]

N: this maybe a contender for Badliyah of the week I guess :)

Simple Pleasures

2 Aug 2009  No Comments

Hobby, profession, work, fun … etc

There is a different level of pleasure in all of them for every person, last night I was thinking to myself what shoots my pleasure up high while doing it ?

I simply see it as follows:

1- Too good at it.

2- Too good for somebody else that you care for.

3- Just meant to be (naturally godly induced desires).

4- If you have absolutely no pleasure in doing something then you can teach yourself (trick your psyche part of your brain) to love it, just smile and say “WOOOW that was AWESOME” !

All what I have previously said was an introduction to say, “Yesterday, myself & N waited Two & Half hours just to play football for 2 hours a week in September & October” !!

though we thought we came early, 30 people were before us ! how early do we need to come to be the 1st to have a number ?


Now why can’t Youth & Sports Association (elhayaa) provide more facilities for this one highly desired pleasure, let’s say in every school and be opened for the public. With all the millions spent on whatever and the millions stolen by whoever, why not help us to steer our youth away from forbidden pleasures toward a healthy bright future, not just for sports but all kind of things.

Al-Qabas Lack of Editing, Or Even Common Sense

13 Jul 2009  No Comments

 alqabas - WTF.jpg

I don’t read much newspapers, but I might be reading more often after seeing this.

Why didn’t they just take their own screenshot?

All I can say is:

WTF AlQabas?

Via 4thringroad

Original Article

Weird Sewer Creature

1 Jul 2009  1 Comment

This is just disgusting but interesting at the same time.

Full article

Iranian Woman Killed in Protest

21 Jun 2009  No Comments


It’s getting really ugly in Iran. An Iranian women was shoot and killed yesterday during a protest.

Firefox The Best Search Engine?!?! WTF??

29 May 2009  No Comments

After writing my previous post about that CNBC idiot. A Fox News idiot shows up with this screen grab.


If you didn’t notice that, here is another one.

Firefox is the best.jpg

How the hell did any person with any technical knowledge come up with this stupid fact?

1. Firefox is not a search engine, it’s a browser.

2. Microsoft and Apple are neither browser nor search engines.

So, again.


New Yorkers Panic

28 Apr 2009  1 Comment


New Yorkers panicked as they saw a low level flying commercial aircraft yesterday over the Manhattan skyline.

It tuned out to be Air Force staged photo-op for the president’s plane “the Air Force One” over the Statue of Liberty.

In the video you can see people running and screaming thinking it’s another 9/11 attack.

The Meatball Bubble Gum

28 Apr 2009  No Comments

Who thought that this is a good idea should be shot.




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Al-Falah Car Wash




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