[T] Random Friday Song Posting!

19 Apr 2013  No Comments

Yeah, thought I might as well add an initial at the beginning of the post title for the people to recognize who’s posting! Creativity ftw!

So I’m just linking something I’ve been listening to it lately, expect a lot of stuff to be linked regarding music in different varieties probably. Enjoy~


YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To – Ray William Johnson

11 Aug 2011  No Comments


Instead of endlessly browsing YouTube for videos to watch, I’ll be recominding some YouTube channels for you guys to subscribe to.

Channel: =3 (Equals Three)

Ray William Johnson uploads a couple of videos a week were he reviews some viral videos that made it on youtube with a twist. As he ads some jokes and some effect to those videos. Very entertaining.

RWJ’s =3 channel is the most subscribed to channel on youtube. So it must be good.

Link to Channel


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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