Firefox 3 Beta 3 Is Here

15 Feb 2008  No Comments


Mozilla officially released the 3rd beta of the famous Firefox browser, which includes man user interface and a handful of new features. Firefox 3 is rapidly approaching completion, and much of the work that remains to be done is primarily in the category of fit and finish. There will likely only be one more beta release after this one before Mozilla begins issuing final release candidates.

Nokia N96 The New Super High End Phone

11 Feb 2008  1 Comment

Nokia successor to the N95 is official, it increases the specs of it’s predecessor by packing 16GB of internal storage, a microSD slot, same 5MP carl Zeiss lens but with two led lights – one for flash and the other for video light. It will also have an integrated DVB-H 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo speakers, A2DP, WiFi, AGPS and HSDPA Support.

Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1

10 Feb 2008  No Comments


The New bad boy from Sony Ericsson with Windows Mobile 6, full QWERTY Keyboard, 3 inch wide VGA (800X480) screen, Touch display, 3.2MP camera, A2DP Bluetooth, aGPS, WiFi, microSD, 400MB onboard memory and a quad-band GSM/EDGE, and 900/1700/1900/2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA. It should ship the second quarter of 2008. video and pics after the break

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Best iPhone Clone

9 Feb 2008  No Comments

Check out this video of an iPhone rip-off, it must be the best copy to date. From looks to UI, and it’s dual sim capable to, video after the break.

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New MBP’s Coming?

9 Feb 2008  1 Comment


Rumors are circulating that Apple might unveil a new and improved MBP line on the 26th of this month ( with the iPhone SDK announcement). The alleged upgrade should include the Penryn chip, SSD optional upgrade and the oh so famous Mac Book Air’s Multi-Touch Trackpad.

of course nothing is official, but we can only hope

via 9to5mac

Cool Phones in Mobile World Congress….Maybe!!

8 Feb 2008  No Comments


There are some report suggesting that ARM might be showing there version of the Android phone next week in Barcelona, of course there is nothing official as of yet.

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Vista SP1 Leaked to BitTorrent

8 Feb 2008  No Comments


Ok vista users, SP1 seems to be available via torrent, if you can’t wait for the official release you can grab it from any of your favorite torrent search engines, its seems that you can’t upgrade from this version you have to do a complete vista install, so don’t forget to backup.

via Lifehacker

Samsung Super Sexy Multi-Function Wireless Printer

8 Feb 2008  No Comments


Samsung’s ultra sexy looking printer line just got better, with the SCX-4500W 802.11 b/g WiFi with WEP and WPA, also a 10/100 Ethernet, plus it being a laser printer, scanner, copier thingy it sure is one cool looking printer.

It Supports Windows, Mac’s and Linux and should cost around $300. No release date yet but it should be exclusive to Apple store’s.


Video Review Of The Vii

8 Feb 2008  No Comments


This video was posted by ashens, shows the unboxing of the Chintendo vii and a view of the 7-in-1 game cartridge.

oh and just that you didn’t no this is actually the vii 2, the first one must have been successful to launch a successor. Video after the break

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Lost Odyssey

6 Feb 2008  No Comments

Lost Odyssey is an RPG by Mistwalker for the Xbox 360, in which the player takes control of Kaim, a man who has lived for 1,000 years. The game’s story revolves around the many generations of which Kaim is a part, his loves and losses and conflicts in a world nearing a “mystical industrial revolution”. It’ll be released in the US on the 12 of Feb.2008 and the game has already been released in Japan for just about 2 months ago.

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