MacBook Air Technical Difficulties Reported

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SlashGear has the details on some technical difficulties on wireless connectivity and they provided us with some solutions.

via SlashGear

Intel’s Skulltrail Mobo

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The Intel D5400XS Motherboard -- aka

With 2 Quad-Core CPUs & 4 Graphics cards via SLI you can get 4 times better performance ?!

We do hope so, this was never the case as the underlying hardware (specially bandwidth & latency between components) and the compatibility of the software (including OS) and many other designing & implementation aspects of both. Go ahead and check out the performance of this allegedly beast on different kinds of applications. Also Another preview by PCperspective

via ExtremeTech & PCperspective

Unlock your 1.1.2 IPhone via HW

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This piece of HW allegedly unlocks your 1.1.2 IPhone if soldered correctly and it is available for 30$, I think this is what we previously posted on a HW hack for the firmware.

via RegHardware

Nvidia’s Graphic Cards Comparison

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Wanna play Crysis on your PC with an outdated Graphic card and you can’t get the best out of the game’s graphics. Most of you fo know and follow the latest and do all kind of researches on the net to try and decide what the returns on per $ spent are !?

Now you get all kind of names and numbers so check this comparison by Bench Mark Reviews on top of the line Nvidia’s Cards.

via BechMarkReviews

A real Home Theater HD

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Infocus announced there new Full-HD (1080P) projector with a value of around 7000$, check out more details with trusted reviews

via TrustedReviews

Transition to IPv6 just started

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ICANN the responsinle corporation for managing IP’s and domain names has just assigned the new IP to six of the world 13 root servers as reported by the TechReport. IPv6 will now give 2128 total of IP addresses instead of the current 232 (4.29 billion).

via TechReport

A 1.6 TB SSD Drive by BitMicro !!

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E-Disk Altima 3.5-inch U320 SCSI Flash Disk

As you all know the 64GB SSD option on current portables can be as much as 1000$ so this 3.5 drive ,announced by BiTMICRO is currently targeting Enterprise systems rather than us (the consumer), but it gives a glimpse on future Hard Drives as they will tend to be faster smaller and more efficient enough to play on my PS3 mini with built in 1080HD projector in the future… !

via DailyTech

Planning On Building Your Own HTPC

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The 1st thing to consider before building your Home Theatre PC is what kind of mother board are you looking for, I stumbled upon this article by Bit-Tech with several Mobos reviewed and with really good advices…..

via Bit-Tech

16GB Apple iPhone And 32GB iPod Touch

5 Feb 2008  No Comments


Today Apple has increased the storage in their iPhone/iPod touch devices to 16/32 GB respectively. the prices are as follows:


8GB = $399

16GB = $499

iPod Touch:

8GB = $299

16GB = $399

32GB = $499


Build A Mac For a $350 – 100KD

4 Feb 2008  No Comments


Found an article that shows you how to build the cheapest hackintosh and how to set it up.



Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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