IPhone Can IVideo Chat !?

14 Jan 2008  1 Comment


Ecamm developers found a way to add one more feature to your IPhone , which is an application to enable using the built-in Cam as a Web-CAM but it can only work with MAC video application like iChat, Photo Booth or Skype and only on a MAC PC. Yeah I know Compatibility is a B… ! Bzzz

Check out the Demo
via macdaddyworld

CES And Macworld to Overlap in 2009….Again!

13 Jan 2008  No Comments

blapple VS. ces-logo-full

CES and Macworld will overlap in 2009, that’s defiantly not good news for the people who attend both shows. CES will be held from the 8th to the 11th oh January ’09, and Mac world will be held from the 6th to the 9th of the same month.


Street Fighter IV Japanese Trailer

12 Jan 2008  No Comments

This is a new cool trailer of the upcoming game!

Very Cool Computer Program

11 Jan 2008  No Comments

This is a very nice piece of software, a physics simulation on a smart board.

The Force Is Strong With Soul Calibur IV

10 Jan 2008  No Comments


Let’s start by saying that this is not a joke (at least I think it’s not), Namco’s upcoming Soul Calibur game will feature characters from Star wars. Yep Yoda and Darth Vader are in the pic and it seems that there will be more characters via downloadable content. So we have to wait and see to confirm this one.

UPDATE: Video added after the break.

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Prototype….. The Game of 2008?

10 Jan 2008  No Comments

This game just looks awesome, it looks it has what it takes to be game of the year from what i saw, or maybe a close second right after MGS4? The game has a deep storyline good graphics and “the ultimate bad guy” checkout the video.

Turn Your WM Device Into A Wireless Router

9 Jan 2008  1 Comment

WMWifiRouter: This awesome piece of software turns your wm phone into a portable wireless router, so that you can use your data plan on any of your devices.

Link via lifehacker

PS3 In-Game XMB

9 Jan 2008  No Comments


Sony’s gaming division announced in CES that the PS3 in going to support in-game XMB – you know playing your own tracks in game like the xbox is able to do – sometime this year. So yay it will hit within 11 & 1/2 months.

via thegamereviews

Intel unveiled 16 new 45nm processors

8 Jan 2008  No Comments

CES 2008 Las Vegas, Intel introduced 16 new line of processors for the year, with a 25% down size. which means a decrease in power consumption & Gadgetier Gadgets.

via DailyTech


Horizon Travel

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