Mo Game, No Pain

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


A new study by a professor in Simon Fraser University shows that virtual reality environment (Games) can substitute drugs as a pain-killer.

get your game-on …


Marvell Announces WiFi 802.11n Chipset with 450 Mbps !

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Available by Q2 of 2008, Marvell’s WiFi chipset -code named “TopDog 11n-450″- is 160% faster than the fastest current 802.11n and 5x better than 802.11g in range.

via InformationWeek

Slingbox Pro HD To Offer 1080i Streaming

4 Jan 2008  1 Comment


This is a photo of the Slingbox pro HD which combines the previous Slingbox pro and the HD connectors and will offer 1080i streaming out of the box. Will be available at august for $400.

via Gizmodo

Far Cry 2 On It’s Way To XBOX360 And PS3

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Its seem that we can’t get enough of 1st person shooters these days, as Ubisoft announced yesterday that is will be releasing Far Cry 2 sometime between 08-09 fiscal year, that’s between April 08 and March 09.

Via joystiq

Dell’s Ultra Sexy New LCD

4 Jan 2008  2 Comments


Dell’s new super beautiful 22" LCD will be shipping in the next few days, it will have a 1680×1050, 2ms response time, cool looking bult-in speakers, 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, DVI and HDMI. This baby will coast around $1200.

UPDATE: Video added


via Gizmodo

Intel Drop Out From Educational PC Program

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Intel has withdrawn from the one laptop per child program officially yesterday due to conflict in interest as it seem.


Via NewYorkTimes

1st Place Winner In Science As Art Competition

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Can you tell what is the picture of? no? its exploding nanowires. That was as easy one wasn’t it?

Via Gizmodo

Best 360 Games of ‘07

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Got a 360? Did you finish the fight? Check out what else you might have missed last year on the 360.

Via Xbox360fanboy

Top IPhone/IPod Touch Apps

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Got an IPhone? who doesn’t. This is a great article Showing the top 20 IPhone/IPod Touch Software to download, my favorite is the TuneWiki.

Via LifeHacker

Sony Might Unveil New PSN Approach

4 Jan 2008  No Comments



This is a very weak rumor, But Sony Asia released a questionnaire asking customers if they would prefer to pay a monthly fee for an unlimited download for PS1 and PSP games.

Via C&VG


Horizon Travel

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