Apple To Choose Blu-ray Over HD-DVD

4 Jan 2008  No Comments


Apple Are expected to tell the world at the Macworld 2008 they are going to preferred Blu-ray over HD-DVD for their Macs. Also, a new Airport Extreme, the rumored Macbook mini/slim and an apple TV upgrade.

Via AppleInsider

Hitachi’s 500GB 2.5" HDD’s

3 Jan 2008  1 Comment


Hitachi’ announced a world first today with their first 500GB 2.5" drive. Don’t start saving just yet, as they don’t intend to sell it directly to consumers only to OEM’s, because it wouldn’t fit into your standard laptop nor external enclosure. First to use them will be ASUS with their new laptops the M50 and M70 which will pack 2 of these for a whooping 1TB portable storage.

The Portable Mega Drive

1 Jan 2008  No Comments

portable mega drive 

It seem that SEGA is still very much in the console business, as this little toy is available to

purchase online from Play-Asia for only $40 plus shipping of course.

Via [Play-Asia]

Hello 2008

1 Jan 2008  1 Comment

Kuwait - Happy New Year 2008

Happy new year all, so it’s ’08 we’re back for good "enshalla"

Photo by Mafia-88


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Al-Falah Car Wash




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