Iron Man 3 – Trailer

23 Oct 2012  2 Comments

The third installment of Marvel’s very popular Iron Man series. Movie scheduled to be release in April 2013. Can’t wait.

My Android Mini PC/Media Center

17 Oct 2012  No Comments

Android Mini PC 1

I got my Android mini PC a maybe a couple of months ago. The main idea behind getting it was making it an Apple TV replacement as I have 3 Apple TVs and wanted to try out a new platform as a media center/entertainment device.

With the Google TV being useless outside the US. I looked for a replacement android device that would do the job. I first was hinting about using my LG G2X Android phone that has a HDMI out but I came across the nifty little device, The Android Mini PC.

Android Mini PC 3

The device is much smaller than any smartphone. Packs a 1GHz cortex A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, built-in WiFi, HDMI out, Micro SD card slot, full size USB 2.0 slot and a USB OTG slot with an included adapter.

Android Mini PC 2

The device is capable of outputting full 1080p video and on the spec sheet it says its even able to output 2160p video. The USB slot is excellent. I managed to hook up a mouse and a keyboard. And then I was able to connect my Azio wireless keyboard that also haas a thumb-stick and makes controlling the Android interface much easier.

Android Mini PC 4

It is great for watching YouTube videos or even those not so officially downloaded movies and tv shows. The UI is very easy to navigate as its a standard Android ICS 4.0.

Android Mini PC 5

Jumped From Space, Landed on His Feet

14 Oct 2012  No Comments

Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner just jumped from 128,097ft breaking the previous world record of 102,800ft held by Joseph Kittinger set in 1960.

Baumgartner also managed to be the first parachutist to break the sound barrier during his free-fall, reaching a top speed of 725mph. He didn’t manage to get the record for the longest free-fall though, as it is still held by Kittinger (4 mins 36 seconds). Baumgartner pulled the cord for his chute 4 mins  19 seconds after stepping off from his capsule.

مغامرات مشعل

11 Oct 2012  No Comments

This is a great video following a Kuwaiti diver diving in a number of locations while documenting the whole experience and narrating it himself. Meshal Al-Omar released his first video and promising many others.


Gary Lineker’s "Ate Grass" Comment

4 Oct 2012  No Comments

Gary Lineker makes fun of Montpellier’s Karim Ait Fana and Younès Belhanda after scoring a goal in their UEFA Champions League game against Schalke 04 on AlJazeera Sport Channel.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Features

1 Oct 2012  No Comments

It looks like Samsung’s new 5.5” Galaxy Note 2 is going to be my new mobile phone due to Samsung actually improving the Android software with its Touchwiz interface. The new multitasking looks insanely productive and great.

The phone should be available in Kuwait this week for around 210KD.

The iPhone 5

23 Sep 2012  1 Comment

iPhone 5  

So I managed to get my hand on a brand new iPhone 5. The first thing you notice one you first hold the device is how light it is compared to the previous iPhone 4/S. It feels as light as the Samsung Galaxy S II.

iPhone 5 taller

The second thing you notice is that the device is taller, it might not be much in numbers but you certainly notice the 16:9 aspect ration and that makes the iPhone 5 feel really slim in you hands.

iPhone 5 Thickness

It is also slimmer and noticeable if you are used to putting your thumb on the side of the iPhone. Not by much though.

iPhone 5 Back

The new back is much more beautiful than the previous “All Glass” which was really stupid in my opinion. The clack finish looks even better.

iPhone 5 Lightning

The new smaller “lightning” port that would certainly render all your iPhone/iPod accessories useless is also on the new device. On the plus side, there is no way to plug in the cable upside down with this port.

iPhone 5 Headphone Port

The 3.5mm headphone jack also shifted to the bottom of the device.

iPhone 5 Ear Pods 

The iPhone 5 comes with a brand new earphones that Apple stupidly calls the “EarPods” that should really increase sound quality. This is a highly welcomed addition as the previous Apple headphones were horrendous.

iPhone 5 Buttons

I really wished they kept the phone as thick as the previous generation and increased battery life. Phones are getting thinner and thinner but they hardly last a full day without you looking for a wall socket or carrying and external battery to charge your devices. But this is a problem with all current generation phones and not just Apple’s.

iPhone 5 Metal

Explosives And Football Don’t Go Well Together

20 Sep 2012  No Comments


In last night’s AFC Champions League match between Sphahan (Iran) and Al-Ahli (KSA), the game was suspended momentarily due to some foreign object being thrown on the assistant referee. One of the Iranian players was being helpful by clearing the field when an explosion went off just as he threw one of those objects. It looks like it was a home made explosive or one giant firecracker.

The refs were faster than Usain Bolt getting out of there and I don’t blame them.

Samsung Flies Two Bloggers To Berlin’s IFA Event And Threatens To Leave Them There

3 Sep 2012  No Comments


A few months back Samsung sent out emails to a number of Kuwaiti bloggers looking for “Partners” if I remember correctly. They offered to send you –if you were selected-  to  major events and have exclusive news in regards to Samsung products. In return they wanted you to become their mouth piece.

They didn’t exactly say that but that was the conclusion of the conversation with the representatives. All the bloggers that I know turned them down but 2 Indian bloggers weren’t so lucky and agreed to join Samsung’s Mobilers program .

Jeff and another blogger agreed to be flown to Berlin as a reporter to cover both Samsung’s announcement and the whole IFA event. He was supposed to return back home on the 6th but the reservation was cancelled and and was threatened to be left stranded in Germany and pay his own accommodation bills after refusing to wear a Samsung blue t-shirt and sit in the Samsung booth all day.

More details at TNW

Just Pilots Having Some Fun

2 Sep 2012  No Comments

A Russian pilot taking a Sukhoi SU-24 for a low level pass over a civilian road.


Horizon Travel

Al-Falah Car Wash




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