Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, And A Metal Gear Movie

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Celebrating the Metal Gear series 25th anniversary, Hideo Kojima reveal the next installment of the franchise at PAX.

A 10+ mins video showing off Snake doing what he does best and the new Fox Engine that looks absolutely great. It also looks like the game is going to be about Naked Snake/Big Boss.

"I want to make it clear that Snake is back, but I’m also back." emphasizing that he is creating this game him self.

Live demo starts around the 9 min mark.

It is also worth mentioning that Kojima announced a few days earlier that Metal Gear is coming to the big screen. It is still too early as neither the actors nor the director have been chosen. But what is for sure is that the movie will be produced by Avi Arad (Iron Man, X-Men and The Amazing Spiderman).

Keep Track of Your Favorite TV Shows And Know What Shows Are Renewed With This iOS App

29 Aug 2012  1 Comment


The summer season is coming to a close and most of the shows are showing their finales. But are you sure they are coming back next season? Well, There’s an app for that.

RENEWED is a very nifty little app that tracks the airing and continuity of your favorite TV shows. I really wanted to know if “The Newsroom” is coming back next season and I was relieved it is.

It seesms it’s a hit and miss with the app being stable or not. There are a lot of bad reviews due to the app constantly crashing but I haven’t had that problem.


The Most Confused Duck in The World

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Confused Duck

Talk about blending in.

Eid Mubarak By Samir Nasri

19 Aug 2012  2 Comments


علينا وعليك سمير

Stride Gum, Apple-ized

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A new Stride Gum commercial makes fun of Apple commercials with intelligicity.

The English Premier League Kicks Off Today. Here is A Look At Last Season’s Best Moments

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Last season was one of the best seasons in the Barclays Premier League history with the title winner being decided in the dying seconds of the Man City and QPR match.

Those last minutes are engraved into every football fan’s memory and I don’t think it will be forgotten any time soon.

Here is a video with commentator Martin Tyler during the Aguero’s title wining goal.

Here is a side by side of the two matches

Can’t wait for this season to start.

Meanwhile in Russia

14 Aug 2012  1 Comment

He’s having the time of his life.

Batman’s Bat Pod In Real Life

13 Aug 2012  3 Comments

So this is what Batman would look like if he took his Bat Pod for a spin?

Mexicans Are Happy To Win Gold

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Mexico beat Brazil 2-1  at Wembley Stadium to win the football gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. This reporter was shedding light on the story while there were some Mexican fans celebrating nearby. Look what happens at the end of the video.

26 Great Olympics Ads

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With the London 2012 Summer Olympics coming to a close. I put together some of the best Olympic themed ads I came across.

To us, they’re Olympians. But to their moms, they’ll always be kids

The surprise of a lifetime

Best job in the world

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