Everything is A Remix

12 Aug 2012  No Comments

Nothing is original and everything is a remix. This might be a little over simplified but I can completely see what’s he getting at.

Kirby Ferguson, the creator of Everything is a Remix explains his point a view in a TED Talk and even shows us how music, movies and even software patents are remixed from previous work/ideas.

To watch all 4 parts of Everything is a Remix click here

Is This Considered As Playing With Your Food?

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I think it’s a good idea to have turkeys instead of people as audience in sitcoms.

But Google, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

2 Aug 2012  1 Comment

Last week, Google released the pricing details of their new Google Fiber  high speed internet service. The service will rollout in just 2 US cities, Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri (just a few feet apart).

So how fast is high speed you ask? in Kuwait, most residential areas top out at 8 Mbps for DSL lines and if you are of the lucky few who have access to fiber connection you can go up to 48 Mbps and that’s just the down-stream. Up stream is limited to 5 Mbps on fiber and just 1 Mbps on DSL.

Google Fiber fiber on the other hand has just one speed, and its 1 Gbps. Yes that is 1024 Mbps. That’s more than 100 times faster than our DSL connection. And it also offers 1Gbps up-stream as well with no caps what so ever.

So how much does this ridiculous internet connection speeds cost you say? Here 8 Mbps connection costs KD320-330 annually and I have no idea how much does the 48 Mbps fiber subscription costs. WIMD’s 15 Mbps is KD870 with a KD250 installation fee. Google is charging $70 (~KD20) a month with a $300 (~KD85) one time construction fee that is waived if you commit for 1 year. If you pay the $300 setup fee you get free 5 Mbps down 1 Mbps up internet connection for life (7 years guaranteed).

Google also is offering a Internet+TV package for $120 (~KD35) with a waived $300 installation fee if you commit for 2 years. What will you get other than the insanely fast 1Gbps internet and and some TV channels? well you’ll get a TV box that doubles as a Wi-Fi access point to extend the range of your network it is also bluetooth enabled so that you can pair up keyboards, headphones and mice with it. You also get a 2 TB storage box to store your recorded programs, it can hold up to 500 hours of HDTV and you can record up to 8 channels at the same time. You will also get a free Nexus 7 ($200 dollar value) and a 1TB Google Drive subscription ($50 monthly value).

There is a certain percentage of people per neighborhood that have to pre-register so that they are eligible for the service.

Living in Kansas City (both of them) suddenly got very tempting.

Google Fiber

Takeo Ischi: The Japanese Yodelmeister

23 Jul 2012  2 Comments

A Japanese-German techno-yodeling…..with chickens.

Takeo Ischi is a Japanese engineer who taught himself to yodel, went to Europe, sang in a few clubs, and became a hit. He studied under Franz Lang (this man can yodel)

He settled down in Bavaria, married a German woman, had four sons, and has had a career as a German folk musician that’s lasted about 30 years.

Man of Steel – Trailer

22 Jul 2012  1 Comment

Another reboot for the Superman franchise movies produced by Christopher Nolan (the director of The Dark Knight trilogy). Release summer 2013.

A TV Show For Football Fans

22 Jul 2012  1 Comment


Premiering Sept. 16th, “Being: Liverpool” is the first of a new series/franchise where a tv crew is given unprecedented insider access. The series are spearheaded by multi Emmy Award-winning producer Scott Boggins (The guy behind HBO’s 24/7 a show with a similar concept). And other sport seem to be following shortly after.

“Being” gives fans a deep, thoughtful look at the superstars and teams of today from their point-of-view at a critical juncture or telling moment that shows the viewer who or what they really are. It is intended to be an all-access invitation into the personal and professional lives of some of the iconic people and institutions in today’s sports universe, always asking the question, “What is it like to be you? “


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I received a link mentioning the Roudan Tournament’s new ad where it featured Luis Figo and Jassim Yaqoub but didn’t get around to watching till now. It was pointed out to me that this ad is a carbon copy of a previous Reebok ad between Thierry Henry and Rayan Giggs released in 2009.

This is certainly not the first ad, lets say, it’s general idea is based on a previous ad. and certainly won’t be the last.

“Trying” To Unbox The Nexus 7

17 Jul 2012  3 Comments

It looks like unboxing the Nexus 7 is not easy if you are not well prepared and equipped. This video is a compilation of 15 different unboxing videos. Some are tech journalists.

The OUYA: More Than Meets The Eye

15 Jul 2012  1 Comment


The OUYA is an Android based box with a controller. It is supposed to be a game console but because it is Android based I think it will be much more. I think it will be an Apple TV/Boxee Box competitor with a bit more functionality. The device is designed by Yves Behar, The guy who designed the Jawbone Jambox.

The OUYA 1

When I first stumbled on the project had $300,000 and all purchasing options were available, I thought to myself that I’ll do it the morning of the next day. To my surprise, the next day news about the OUYA was all over the internet. The project had over 2 million dollars (approaching 5 millions at the moment) and all but one purchasing options are gone.

The specs of the device are:

Tegra 3 quad-core processor


8GB of internal flash storage

HDMI connection to the TV, with support for up to 1080p HD

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth LE 4.0 USB 2.0 (one)

Wireless controller with standard controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button), a touchpad

Android 4.0

OUYA Controller 640

The OUYA is scheduled for release in March 2013.

Via Kickstarter

How Cinescape Ruined My Weekend

15 Jul 2012  2 Comments

The weekend before last, I went not to one, but two movies. I saw “The Amazing Spider-Man” on Thursday and also took my kids to see “Ice Age: Continental Drift” on Saturday. I had a problem both times I went to the cinema and if you follow me on twitter you would know about the first problem that arose.

Out of focus 3

The new Spider man movie, that has a 2 hours+ running time was, for the most part of the movie, out of focus. Not the whole screen, but either the top or bottom half of the screen. We first noticed it with the appearance of the Warner Brothers logo. It was so severe that we thought that we entered a 3D version of the movie by mistake. Just after the hour mark I started to get a headache from the damn screen. The movie stayed out of focus until the last 20-25 minutes. What made it clear that it is a mistake by the operator and not a movie effect is that the translation was also out of focus.

That made me rethink seeing other “blockbusters” i.e. “The Dark Knight Rises” at Cinescape when it arrives in Eid.

Ice Age Reservation

My second predicament was when I took my kids a couple of days later to watch the new Ice Age movie. I entered Cinescapes website and booked my seats row F seats 3-6 (4 middle seats). I was surprised that when I went to pick up my reserved tickets I noticed that my seats shifted to the left. I its not that my new seats are suddenly awful, Its these kinds of shady practices and lack of professionalism that annoys me.

Ice Age Tickets

Can’t wait until Grand Cinemas open up and we get some decent competition going.


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